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Best blog WordPress themes


In case you are looking for a minimalist, mobile friendly and creative website, you should check the best blog WordPress themes available in 2022. You can choose a blog WordPress theme for travel, personal blog, writing, food blog, beauty or a creative lifestyle blog WordPress themes. Check these 10 best blog themes for your creative and minimalist template WordPress theme. For example, you can check Maktub Blog.

Best blog WordPress themes – Top 10 blog templates

These blog themes are perfect for influencers, in order to create a personal, lifestyle or travel website as a blogger. You can check and download these blog templates, in no time.

What is the best blog WordPress themes?

The finest collection of blog WordPress themes options for your site. We’ve gathered a huge variety of the greatest free WordPress blog themes here. Our standards weren’t complicated. Articles must adhere to standards of decency, originality, and quality writing. And I am certain that you will be able to discover a design here that works for your site, no matter what its focus.

Where to find the best blog WordPress themes?

Blog-oriented best blog WordPress themes. It has everything you need to put out amazing content on the web and succeed. It’s a beautiful, user-friendly, and colorful blog theme that would work well for any topic, from style and wellness to health and business to technology.

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Best blog WordPress themes in 2022

Do you want to start a WordPress blog? Of course, a WordPress blog template is required to fully use the engine as the foundation for a complex website.

It’s true that many of the most discussed issues in recent years are ones that have a high price tag. For many bloggers, both new and seasoned, a premium template is out of the question. When a blog first starts off, it might be hard to justify investing money on a premium theme.

The good news is that you can create a high-quality best blog WordPress themes without breaking the bank. Free and readily available in abundance, WordPress themes provide a wide variety of options for website design.

Is an elegant and flexible blogging theme for the WordPress platform. Landing page creation is only one of the special options it offers. As a powerful method of directing visitors to a particular landing page, this is an excellent method of generating interest and engagement. It works well for introspective journals, itinerant business diaries, and trend-focused fashion diaries.

Has a clean and refined style and is a premium WordPress theme for personal blogs. It’s great for anybody, whether they’re just starting out or are seasoned pros, who wants to get their work out there on the web. Will make your WordPress site shine regardless of the screen resolution.

As the name implies, this is a subtheme. The pink and white linear layout is suitable for commercial, portfolio, or agency use. If you’re a fan of the design, you may use this theme for any reason, whether it’s to showcase your work, promote an upcoming event, showcase your business’s items, launch a blog, set up an online shop, etc.

Best personal blog WordPress themes

You don’t need to know how to code in order to create something amazing with the help of the plugins used in the demos because of the powerful admin panel they come with. The theme adapts to the screen size of the device viewing it, making it suitable for use across the board. There are a number of different header, navigation, and layout options to choose from. Blogs are a great way to express yourself online; just choose a topic and get started.

Is a professional blog template designed just for women that is both powerful and user-friendly. This theme is for you if you want to offer your fashion ideas, vacation experiences, favorite culinary recipes or develop a blog about lifestyle, cosmetics and makeup, coaching or any other topic.

The template is mobile friendly, SEO optimized and supporting. Fast loading times are a ranking factor in search engine optimization. Changing your blog’s appearance is as simple as clicking a few options from a palette of infinite colors and fonts. You may increase your lead generation with the aid of the newsletter signup form included into the design of this theme. There will also be space to demonstrate your translation-readiness.

In addition to working in a variety of browsers, the theme’s structure allows for customization. Your blog will appear fantastic on every device and browser, no matter the screen size.

WordPress theme suitable for blogs and other uses. That is totally responsive compatible. The theme loads quickly and is optimized for search engines. It has a wide range of potential applications in the realms of blogging, publishing, portfolios, photography, newspapers, online shops, and journalism.


Best food blog wordpress theme

There are no restrictions on the kind of blog you can build with it, making it suitable for everything from a traditional lifestyle blog to an affiliate review site. The design template is an excellent illustration of aesthetic and functional perfection. You may put advertising banners in the plentiful area provided by the header widgets.

Having a speedy and SEO-friendly theme can help you rank higher in search results, giving you an advantage over competing blogs and newspapers. The adjustable and adaptable layout is great if you want to build a blog on, say, business or tourism. It’s sophisticated and can take on whatever look you choose, whether that’s all-black, all-white, simple, boxy, flat, cluttered, or an extended sidebar stuffed with widgets.

Now, more than ever, it’s simple to unleash your imagination and personalize a theme to your liking. Its clean, modern design is appealing to authors who want to share their thoughts on cuisine, style, travel, gear, film, and more.

You may quickly and easily create a blog with this minimal and stylish dark masonry theme. To that end, photographs are the subject of this topic. Essentially, it’s a variation on a topic used in children’s books.

It’s a lightweight blogging theme that’s perfectly optimized for search engines. is a mobile-friendly, cross-browser-compatible theme built on the popular bootstrap framework. Business, portfolio, blog, school, fitness, health, GYM, magazine, news, travel agency, or any other online concept imaginable.

The slider that comes with the template is excellent. Managing the system couldn’t be easier, thanks to the straightforward control panel. Adding a logo is simple. There is not a lot of extraneous design on the main page.

Is a clean and simple blog theme well suited for authors who want to publish their own content online with a minimum of fuss. With this theme’s aid, you can make a blog that is both. Current and traditional in appearance while yet being basic in its design. With this template, you don’t need to be a coding prodigy to make your blog seem great.

The infant template is provided in a somber color palette. Dark hues are fairly popular on the top charts at the moment since they are considered a striking design trend and are also easy on the eyes. The template is available for use by anybody who would want to create a website with a dark design, whether it be a personal blog or a business website.

Best travel blog WordPress themes in 2022

The blog’s layout is really simple. An excellent choice for writers who want to start a personal blog with the standard features and functionality. Your visitors will enjoy the pleasure of reading posts and articles. This design will help you build a successful blog with a look that is both timeless and modern.

Is a mobile-friendly theme developed for use with blogs, periodicals, and other forms of journalism. The code is clean so the blog will be quick and load fast with high page speed. The theme can be set up quickly yet has several tools for affiliate promotion, such as numerous locations to place advertisements for various affiliate networks.

Search engine optimization, originality, and a contemporary aesthetic are all prerequisites for a site of this kind. Writers and bloggers may quickly set up a basic blog with a title that reflects their particular interest. The theme is simple to adjust and works with most schema layouts, so you may add reviews or other form of affiliate material. Fashion, cuisine, gaming, guidance, and even politics may all be the subject of editorials.

WordPress is an attractive option that may host a wonderful blog or magazine on any topic, from travel to fashion. The site’s adaptable design makes it easy to read on mobile phones and tablets. This not only enhances the user experience, but also catches the eye of search engines, which might lead to improved rankings. It’s laid up well, with big photos and plenty of white space to let readers relax.

The design is reminiscent of a digital magazine, but with less bells and whistles and a friendlier feel. The bundle includes a wide assortment of useful widgets. Placement options include the main content area, the sidebar, the header, and the footer. Perhaps you’d like a widget that provides background about the blog’s creator and narrative. You may find this in a widget that you can add to the sidebar. One of the highlights is the carousel, which lets you show off a stunning picture gallery all at once. You may choose which posts to display, whether or not to display thumbnails. And whether or not to remove the publication date and author byline.

Best writing blog WordPress theme

There are several possibilities for customizing the blog’s design under the preferences module. For example, you may adjust the colors to match the colors of the logo better. I really like how you can customize the typefaces to make the writing more engaging and in line with your company’s identity. This theme comes with with social sharing buttons. There are two different spots in the layout for sharing buttons. You may get others to follow you by posting in these areas, including the one above the logo.

The ability to integrate other systems is just another reason why I like using this template. With this add-on, your blog is instantly transformed into a shopping cart. That’s great news since it implies you can start peddling wares to your devoted following. Modifying the typography is easy with fonts, and ensuring that all readers fully get the message of your articles is simple with translation tools. The live customizer is popular because it allows users to make changes without having to deal with any code. If you pick this free, cutting-edge WordPress theme. You can be certain that it will look great across all browsers and come with prompt, helpful support.

To be sure, for a no-cost option, the best blog WordPress themes packs quite a few useful tools. This is a personal blogging WordPress theme with a fresh and contemporary design. Thanks to its clean design and neutral color scheme, this theme may be adapted to a broad range of fields. Some individuals, for instance, like the usage of fashion blogs. Some people like to use it for their culinary, travel, or lifestyle blogs.

The WordPress template’s adaptability and depth of features rely on your specific goals. A single-click installation button is included, and the theme may be set up in a variety of primary colors to complement existing branding and the company’s logo. The header, footer, and two sidebars are all available options for the four widget spots. This search engine-friendly design can help you get exposure for your writing and attract a wider audience.

Top minimalist WordPress theme for a blog

Because of the boxed and wide layouts, the blog is either fully visible or partially visible according to the margins. Every user, regardless of the device they’re using. Will be able to see the information thanks to the responsive design included into the WordPress theme. To ensure the menu is constantly accessible to the reader, a sticky menu is an excellent option. It’s useful since it might be confusing to know what to do next, but a sticky menu keeps the next option front and center.

In addition, the inclusion of a set of social media icons is something about which one can only be joyful. Show off more symbols and link users directly to your social media profiles. In addition, the theme contains a settings page where you may make adjustments. While the provided demo material is useful for gaining a feel for the layout, the bespoke content is more useful for experienced developers. In sum, the WordPress template is a well-documented choice that comes with translation capabilities. To broaden your appeal and facilitate the identification of potential readers.

Is a clean and elegant option for blogs about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. A slider at the top draws attention, and several widget locations throughout the theme make it simple to add new posts. Your blog will be readily monetized via ad networks with the help of this template’s generous ad placement options. The design allows for both video and audio as well as text articles, giving you additional options for making your material interesting to a wider audience.

The theme gives you a lot of leeway to personalize it anyway you want by letting you choose the color scheme and even add your own banner picture or logo. Both mobile-friendly and search engine-friendly, it will boost your site’s position in the results. The blog includes a specialized social networking widget and an automatic feed of relevant content. to keep readers engaged for as long as possible.

With its spare design, the minimalist approach creates a vast, adaptable blogging format suitable for a wide range of topics. It works especially effectively for sites that center on one individual, including those run by trainers, consultants, freelancers, and artists.

Best blog WordPress themes for beauty

Blog’s flexible design allows for a wide range of personalization options while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance. When designing a blog’s color scheme, your options are almost endless. Widgets may be used to send visitors to various accounts on popular social networks.

The theme enables the production of live feedback on articles and pages. This strategy works well for bloggers who want to expand their online followings and spark discussions among their readers. You may choose between a traditional blog style with fixed columns or a full-width version with sidebars on the left and right. If you want a certain post to always appear at the top of the thread, you can make it sticky.

Thebest blog WordPress themes fits in well and seamlessly. If you’re ready to start selling things from your site, here is a simple way to do it.

Pay close attention to the author profile widget. Blog is great for one-person businesses like those run by authors, freelancers, trainers, and consultants because of the widget’s emphasis on personal branding. Simply said, this is the ideal blog theme for the individual blogger who wants to be seen as the driving force behind their site.

Blog claims to have a mobile-friendly design that adapts to the device being used, and it also boasts a flexible menu system. You can always buy extra if you feel like you need it. Upgrade to Pro for access to more layout choices, custom fonts, and control over the blog’s footer.

This template was designed with blogs in mind; it’s full-screen, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing design makes the content the star. Perfect for Photo Blogs. Both a full-width and a right-sidebar layout are available to you.

The latest version of WordPress is fully compatible with this theme’s flexible layout. Options allow you to do things like add logos and favicons, change the look of the pagination, and more. A visually attractive picture carousel may be added to the site as an extra feature.

Best creative blog WordPress themes in 2022

The theme makes it easy to set up a connection to your profile. Three different widgets may be added to the site’s sidebar: a “About the Author” profile block, a social icon block, and a widget for modifying the feed’s most recent entries.

Without having to install a third-party plugin, the theme itself can be used to configure and show social sharing options for articles and pages. It’s built in, albeit a plugin is required to access it. The gist is all set to be localized. You just need to make one change to the master template file rather than. Translating individual text lines in each individual template file.

The layout is meant to be “retina-ready,” which means it will look great on high-resolution displays. As a result, the code is optimized for fast page loads, which is great for SEO and the user experience.

Is a clean, well-designed blog theme available at no cost. You may use the new block editor to design stunning blog post layouts with the help of this template’s support. The theme employs an attractive slider on the front page to highlight the most read articles, and its design is a basic two-column format. Sidebar widgets are abundant and may be used to display anything from social network connections to the most recent comments to the most visited or most recently published articles.

Colors, fonts, and other aspects of your experience may all be modified using. Because the design allows several post kinds, you may easily publish audio and video content in addition to standard text content. This theme loads quickly, performs well in search engine results pages, and looks fantastic on all screen resolutions.

There’s another another blog theme that may be used for any kind of blog. It’s a design element used to emphasize visual content. Because of its emphasis on visuals, it works well for portfolio sites catering to creative professionals, such as artists and freelancers.

Best personal blog WordPress themes for download

But the theme is perfect for an online shop that wants to showcase their products in a unique way by using large photos. This clean, mobile-friendly, and image-centric theme is ideal for any blogging strategy that prioritizes eye-catching visuals.

After it’s made, the template contains code that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it adheres to all applicable standards and has a negligible effect on page load times. Because blog speed is a ranking factor for many search engines, this is also crucial for SEO purposes, and it improves the user experience overall. You shouldn’t expect your visitors to wait around for an image-heavy website to load for very long-in fact. Some studies have shown that people abandon a page that is slow to load within few seconds.

Has a slick post slider integration, clean typefaces, and flexible architectural layout possibilities. Since it places such great emphasis on content, this theme is an excellent companion for bloggers and other writers. offers a clean slate for displaying written content, visuals, and media.

In addition, the theme incorporates flawlessly, making it simple to include e-commerce into your blogging business plan. There are a total of five distinct page layouts and four unique header designs available in the template. Because of its adaptability, this blogging theme may be readily customized to meet the needs of the individual using it.

It’s designed to work well across all devices, and its full-screen approach to blog searching is particularly appealing. This function is very useful if your site has a lot of textual information. provides in-depth explanations of the issue and a community forum where people may ask questions.

For launching any kind of blog, this fully responsive and retina-ready theme is ideal. If you need a lot of visuals, this is the perfect solution. A masonry layout is used to show the most recent posts in a card-like format, and it’s rather visually appealing. For example, a blog about cooking may use this to showcase a featured picture and synopsis right on the front page.

Best dark blog WordPress themes

The overall design of this template is quite flexible. Change the background color, link color, fonts, and widgets using the in-built WordPress customizer. Your own CSS tweaks and native plugin support are both possible. This isn’t the most feature-rich blogging theme, but it’s great for newbies who want to focus on visuals.

The layout is versatile enough to be used as the foundation for a business blog, an online store, or a magazine-style website. You get to decide. You may customize the appearance and structure of a theme by rearranging its constituent parts. There are four unique heading styles and three unique layout options available when using type.

The sidebar may be moved to whatever location you want, and you can upload and display your own logo with ease. Your homepage may be customized to showcase various types of material with the use of a template. The plugin’s basic integration makes it simple to add e-commerce functionality to your blog.

The template has a user-friendly interface, and it even has a live preview function so you can see how your changes will look before you commit to them. Add a splash of color with the click of a button, replace the logo with one of your own creation, and switch the typeface to something more to your liking.

The template is well-designed and optimized for search based on the theme. You don’t have to fork out cash for a premium code to make your blog more visible on Google and other search engines because of free.

All contemporary browsers properly render the template. If you’re aiming for a worldwide audience, you can quickly adapt the theme into different languages using the included language files.

Template for the blogging platform WordPress that facilitates rapid blog creation. The minimalist design ensures that the focus remains squarely on the written material. One-page websites that allow users to scroll indefinitely are one use for this technology, which may be utilized to great advantage in bringing readers’ attention to important articles.

Best simple blog WordPress themes

Everything from travel and cuisine to recipes and clothes may be adapted to work with this subject. You’ll have complete say over the layout and presentation of each component this way.

You may make a lot of changes to this template. There are five distinct header designs and two distinct sidebar designs to choose from. The post footer and post information are both modifiable. This theme’s forte is blog design, which is where you’ll see the most impressive results. The blog’s masonry grid design gives it the appearance of an art museum. Using an image post format is a great way to take advantage of this. The outcome is a visually appealing blog layout that readers can’t resist exploring.

Popular among bloggers, and for good reason. It features a sleek interface, loads swiftly, and is very user-friendly. Furthermore, it allows for extensive personalization via a wide variety of settings. The default layout for the theme utilizes two sidebars, but you can simply switch to a single sidebar or disable them entirely. A blog or website that constantly publishes new information would benefit greatly from this design.

Almost every facet of the blog may be altered to suit your tastes; for example, you can switch up the theme, add a logo, swap out pictures, and so on. With the theme’s page builder, you can easily add your own sections to blog pages without knowing any code.

Is a wonderful WordPress theme that can accommodate several authors, and it has a beautiful header section that may be used to attract readers. Main page design consists of the usual blog post archive and a sidebar separated by two columns. The sidebar is where you may include a brief bio, links to your social network profiles, links to your most popular articles, and connections to the many categories you’ve created for your blog. Furthermore, you can simply showcase your most vital pages or include commercial banners by making use of promo boxes.

Most popular travel blog WordPress themes

The template’s fresh, clean design is true to its name, making it an excellent choice for informative sites like blogs and magazines. The theme is tailor-made for weblogs because to its large amounts of white space and clear typography.

You may adjust the look of the theme using the huge slider included with it. Those in the photography, fine art, travel, cuisine, fitness, and beauty industries, as well as those in the professional services industry who employ a visual portfolio. Will find the slider to be an ideal solution due to its prominent placement and adaptability.

Provides a variety of built-in widgets for showing supplementary information, such as recent articles, trending topics, and social profile connections, and three footer widget spaces that you may adapt to your requirements.

A modern option for blogs is a full-screen design. The design also allows you to publish in a variety of formats, including text, photos, audio, video, and links.

The template is quite flexible in terms of personalization. Background colors, beyond the default white, may be selected through hex code or the color picker’s slider. As an added bonus, the customizer allows you to upload your own background picture. Alter the default settings for the homepage, and choose your own favicon and logo.

In contrast to the premium edition’s six homepage layouts and five header choices, the free version only has one of each. The premium edition includes additional features such as access to more than typefaces. Simplified management of font size without the need for CSS, infinite color personalization possibilities, and more.

Excellent fit for a weblog devoted to love stories. The emphasis of this theme is on the written word rather than visual elements. If you update your blog often with essays or features, this is the theme for you. The minimalist design of the theme will not distract from your content. Instead, the template acts as a classy border around your text and images.

Best lifestyle blog WordPress themes in 2022

This two-column, mobile-friendly design may have been made with bloggers in mind, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on supporting stunning visuals. It’s retina ready, and you can use any of the most well-liked page builder plugins to make it your own. Parallax scrolling and a full-width header picture are two of the many ways this design stands out. Personalize your profile by uploading a logo, custom color scheme, and profile pictures. For even more control over the overall appearance of your blog, the template also includes pre-designed page layouts.

This template was created with the minimalist blogger in mind. Since this is a one-page theme, setting up your blog won’t take long at all. Is compatible with a wide variety of page builder plugins, allowing you to design your blog’s pages and articles without needing to know how to code. With its sleek material style and plenty of pre-built demo sites, this template will help get you up and running quickly.

The blog’s appearance may be altered in any way you want with the help of the provided template. Colors, typefaces, and a custom logo may all be modified. It’s perfect for you if you desire total say over your site’s appearance. The theme can adapt to any screen size, loads quickly, and is search engine optimized and integrated. You may change the language of the theme and access a huge menu.

This free WordPress theme is fantastic for making blogs on any subject you can imagine. It works well for private blogs, blogs about cooking or recipes, blogs about traveling, and more. This theme’s primary selling point is its compatibility with a variety of page builders. As well as a basic, responsive design that is both attractive and effective.

Mobile-friendliness and a theme that’s easy to localize are two further highlights. This free blog theme also has features that will make your eCommerce goals a reality, which is great news if you’ve been thinking about opening an online shop.

Best blog WordPress themes for influencers

A great option for those who value simplicity without sacrificing durability. The grid arrangement of this theme makes it simple to highlight the most relevant or recent articles in each section. The magazine-style website would benefit from this template. It’s also ready for monetization, with plenty of space for adverts from other sources. You may use this system to sell both digital and tangible products thanks to its seamless integration.

You may modify the colors and fonts of the template to match your brand’s aesthetic. There was special attention paid to making the template responsive and search engine friendly. The page builder add-on allows you to design unique page templates.

The creator also offers a second style, this one a two-color layout made with readers in mind. The contrast between the black sidebar and the bright main section is striking enough to bring the reader’s attention to the text and images inside.

With conditional loading and minified scripts and style sheets, this theme speeds up blog loading and performance across all browsers. The author’s picture and other social media profiles are shown in a widget in the sidebar on the left.

Another versatile and free blog theme. The minimalistic style and flexible structure of this WordPress theme make it a good choice for a wide range of websites, from individual blogs to news portals. Installation is simple, and it comes preloaded with sample content to help you get your blog up and running quickly.

The sleek, up-to-date layout works in harmony with the material and can be adjusted to fit your preferences. It makes extensive use of WordPress’ in-built customization options, allowing you to change the fonts, colors, and more. It adapts to the size of the user’s browser window and supports a wide variety of browsers; moreover, it is child-theme ready, allowing for more extensive customization. Last but not least, it has a wide range of widgetized areas, such as sidebars, off-canvas navigation, social media buttons, and more.

Best mobile-friendly blog WordPress themes

Promotes itself as an attractive topic, and justifiably so. The stunning visuals, streamlined layout, and sophisticated typeface will make reading the blog a true delight. To make it simple to display your most recent articles and to accommodate a large number of widgets in the sidebar. This theme employs a grid structure. A wide variety of widgets, such as those for social networking, author profiles, RSS feeds, and email addresses, fall under this category.

This theme, like all of the others here, is responsive and cross-browser compatible. It’s compatible with any and all popular website creators. Additionally, the design has advertising space for banner adverts to help bring in revenue.

One more excellent option for every blog you can think of. Its clean, uncluttered style makes it ideal for personal blogs but it would also work well in the business world. Because of its flexibility, this theme may be used for the development of any kind of weblog. The theme’s customization options are what set it apart from other free options, making it a potent but simple blogging solution.

This theme also has speed enhancements. In fact, it’s been tried and trued for maximum effect. The widgets, footer, and social media integration in this theme, as well as the themed post pictures, are only the beginning.

The template was designed to facilitate the production of tasteful and sophisticated individual blogs. With its responsive layout, the theme looks great across all devices with very little in the way of pinching, zooming, or resizing required. To ensure that images look their best on retina screens, we’ve made sure that this particular theme scales down to the pixel level.

White by default, with an optional black stripe across the top for your logo and social network icons. There is a wide, legible sans-serif font used for the site’s name and slogan, making them stand out against the white backdrop.

Creative blog WordPress themes for bloggers

Add a sidebar if you want a more complex layout, or leave it full width for a simpler look. Images from the Instagram social network may be shown in the website bottom by the addition of a custom widget.

The “More CSS” option in the customizer makes it possible to apply your own rules to the template. The theme is translation ready and you may further customise your blog with your own logo, background color and related photos.

A WordPress theme that will give your site a clean and feminine look, making it perfect for lifestyle and life coaching blogs. Nonetheless, if a retro look isn’t what you’re going for, there’s a second skin included with the free theme that will give your blog a clean, contemporary look.

It’s compatible with the free plugin in the same way as the other templates in this set are. The main page of the template may be shown in a unique design, complete with banners and topical topics. The theme’s lightweight nature allows for quick page loads despite the theme’s complexity.

The header and background hues are fully modifiable. The website’s name and slogan appear atop the generic background picture by default. A custom header picture or plain text may be selected from the Header Image option to get rid of this method.

Full-width and sidebar layouts appear clearly and with minimum distractions, letting the reader to concentrate on the visual and textual content. It provides bloggers with a wide range of personalization choices, such as various widget display zones and distinct settings for the home page and individual posts.

In order to showcase the most recent posts and their accompanying vivid thumbnail versions, the theme suggests downloading and activating a plugin that adds a specialized widget.

Here’s another another high-quality, zero-cost WordPress theme. This theme is well-suited for photobloggers and those who anticipate frequent photo-heavy posts. The header, background, menus, and widget spaces may all be modified to suit your needs.

Most popular lifestyle blog WordPress themes

The site’s aesthetic, including its colors, logo, and slider, is modifiable. You can easily give your blog a unique voice and draw in more readers by modifying these settings. Specifically, I find the homepage’s grid style to be really appealing. This provides readers with a wealth of options to explore the blog’s content and zero in on the topics that most interest them. This is a wonderful chance to exhibit your blogging activities. In the event that you run into any trouble while using the theme. You may take advantage of the complimentary service provided by the developer.

Created the optimal layout, which functions well for travel, lifestyle, and fashion bloggers. You have a lot of flexibility over the structure of your pages and posts thanks to the variety of layouts available. Reducing visual noise to help viewers and readers concentrate on the textual and visual material. Because of its unique perspective, this design is favored by many individual bloggers. Use a variety of widgets in the sidebar and footer to draw attention to ancillary or supplementary material.

Using WordPress, you may access and modify the template’s integrated slider. It’s also where you may modify the theme’s background color and upload your company’s logo. Further, a social widget is included for easy activation of sharing buttons across several platforms.

The majority of these free blog themes are built around clean, minimalist color palettes. moderately distinct in that it’s based on a darker palette, while sharing the same clean and readable aesthetic as the light themes on our list.

The subdued color scheme of the theme makes it a good fit for corporate and business blogs, as well as those in more traditional fields like law and banking. Additional layouts, such as full-width, one-column, and two-column, are included with the template. If you want to boost your gallery’s SEO, navigation, and user experience, you may add more descriptive blocks of text to each page’s category, tag, author, and other related pages.

Best food blog doawnload WordPress themes

Because of this, you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to alter the layout of this template to make it work for you. Reviews from users highlight its dedication to accessibility, in-built search engine optimization, and compatibility with caching and minification tools. Within a day, you’ll have access to developer assistance, and there are many tutorials and starting points available.

It’s a user-friendly and highly modifiable template perfect for religious and spiritual blogs, websites, and organizations. Post types for text, galleries, photos, videos, and quotations are supported, as are author widgets and newsletter subscription widgets.

The blog’s look may be adjusted in any way you want with the help of the customizer. Choose from a variety of colors for the header, footer, and body, as well as upload your own custom pictures for both. The format of blog-archive pages may be customized with a few clicks of a mouse.

It has a helpful Getting Started page for new users, complete with suggested plugins. Links to the theme’s documentation and knowledge base, and a section to answer frequently asked questions. All the guidance and assurance you need to launch your first blog with gusto may be found in these materials.

Budget-conscious bloggers and WordPress novices alike would benefit greatly from this comprehensive guide. You can get your site up and running fast with little effort and plenty of room for personalization, which may appeal to more experienced users.

It was developed as a free premium alternative to the original theme, and it offers a similarly robust and clean framework. Making it a good choice for presenting both photographs and blog articles.

There are a number of page layout options available to you inside the template. Depending on your preferences, your blog may use either a fixed width or a fluid width design. You may also choose to turn off the sidebar just on certain pages, including the homepage, archives, specific articles, or specific pages.

Top blog WordPress themes in 2022

The color choices are considerably broader than in many free layouts. When customizing your website, you have the option of picking a background color and a “accent” color to use for the links. You may alter or supplement your site’s preexisting theme styles with your own CSS rules if you require greater say over the color palette.

In the upper right corner of the navigation bar on every page, the design displays the icons for the most popular social networking sites, allowing you quick access to all of your online accounts. Just provide us the URL of your profile on each service. It’s possible to show symbols for frequently seen criminals.

Excellent substitute for a blog option. A minimalistic, easy-on-the-eyes design is only one of the many benefits of this template. Customers will not have to wait long for it to load, which means they will likely spend more time on the site. The parallax header picture in this theme creates the impression of interactivity, which is great for site visitors. In addition, you may change the foreground color, choose a unique backdrop, and add your own CSS.

You may use this design for your photo-heavy blog or website. Because of the grid layout, featured articles may be shown prominently on the home page with an accompanying picture and a “Read More” button. In addition to the standard features like as a customizable menu and social network icons. You also get a full-width blog banner that can be tailored to your brand or company.

The theme is a popular option for blogs and other types of websites alike, and it’s available for no cost. The template works great with popular page builder plugins so you can design your pages without any coding knowledge. It’s simple to alter the look of the template in both the theme options and the page builder.

Top travel blog WordPress themes in 2022

There are a number of sample websites included with the template that can be imported with a single click. In addition, you can design unique page layouts for your blog to help you stand out from the crowd. The theme works with a wide variety of plugins for WordPress.

Although it’s much darker than the other themes we’ve recommended. This one does a fantastic job of keeping readers’ eyes on the content while also lending the blog a fresh, contemporary feel.

It, like many of the others on this list, has a moving focal point on thematic pictures. The display of these pictures and the subsequent actions should they fail to load are both modifiable inside the template. You may expand the content to full width, show a default picture, or show a half-width image.

Additional possibilities for personalizing the design put editorial decision-making in your hands as the blogger and site owner. Article excerpt length, “Read More” link copy, picture zoom on mouseover, author bio display after post content, and more are all modifiable.

You can add icons for your various social media accounts, and the template will automatically link to those accounts. The best blog WordPress themes also gives you the option of choose whether you want them in the header, the footer, or both. Widgets may be placed in the template’s two primary locations: after the page’s text and in the footer. When it comes to the footer, you have complete control over the content shown.

WordPress doesn’t let you change the font or color of your site’s text, but you can always add your own CSS rules to replace or augment the default ones. In addition, the theme includes documentation detailing how to create an app version for both Android and iOS.

Most popular lifestyle blog WordPress theme

Ideal for writers who use the Internet. However, its adaptable and versatile design allows for almost any application. This theme provides a number of free, pre-built websites to get you started right away. Thus, you may choose the basic website template that best fits your intended market. Yoga studios. Hotels, day spas, restaurants, and even dentist offices are just a handful of the many possibilities. Although, with the right selection of images, you can use any of these for any niche.

This theme is versatile enough to function as both a primary blog and a portfolio or online shop, with the latter use case being enabled by the theme’s code. Page Builder, along with many other popular page builder plugins, is compatible if you want to make even more modifications. In conclusion, this WordPress theme will serve you well and perform admirably in all respects.

The theme was created and developed by for use by food bloggers. The health, lifestyle, and fitness markets, as well as the artistic and creative spheres, may all benefit greatly from this. The template’s pre-installed e-commerce functionality makes it a great fit for any blogger looking to sell their wares online.

Thanks to its search engine optimization and clean code, it loads fast in the browser, making for a better user experience and increasing the likelihood that visitors will return. The range of available environments is considerable. A unique design for the landing page encourages users to go through to the site’s subsequent pages.

Amazingly, you can choose the precise width of the sidebar display area, ranging from the standard one-third size to the more compact one-quarter size.

There are a lot of fun options for personalizing the slider that appears at the top of each article. There’s also an option that allows you remove titles, descriptions, and slide icons, allowing photos to directly connect to content URLs for a more streamlined, minimalistic appearance.

Best personal blog WordPress themes for influencers

Created, is a simple, adaptable theme for a personal or artistic blog. Because of the way it emphasizes the blog’s primary content above decorative flourishes, it’s a good fit for any kind of blogging. Especially useful for image-heavy niches like fashion, gastronomy, fitness, and travel is the theme’s flexible slider.

Consistent with the rest of the choices here. Specifically, it makes efficient use of WordPress’s recently updated customizer. There is a comprehensive color picker at your disposal to choose the primary theme color. Background pictures and colors are customizable.

In the typography settings, you can either enter the name of the font family directly or provide a URL to any online font you want to use. The font size and line spacing may be modified.

The basic version of the theme is packed with useful options. The secondary slider, which can be adjusted in a number of ways, is one of its most remarkable characteristics. The slider’s layout can be smooth or non-smooth. And you can set it to show a specific category of posts or your most recent ones, in addition to displaying any number of slides you like.

The logos, icons, and image files needed to populate the template can all be downloaded with a single click. Adjusting the parameters allows you to show a different title and tagline. Enables for individualized page layouts and other navigational tweaks to streamline the user experience.

There’s another another travel-themed WordPress theme. This free theme’s adaptability and the sleek presentation it provides for tales in any field make it a great choice. It has a number of different post kinds, allowing you to showcase things like quotations, music, video, and text in their own unique ways. The template provides many header variations, as well as the choice between a single column and masonry layout. It allows you to alter the color scheme, change the font, and add a footer. The copyright disclaimer at the end of each post may be altered to suit your needs.

Top premium blog WordPress theme

Background colors are fixed, and fonts can’t be changed. Headings, subheadings, and body text all benefit from the use of inline fonts because of their clarity, readability, and ability to draw attention. You are free to create your own supplementary regulations.

If you’re running a multi-author blog, you may identify each contributor by including a short bio at the end of each article, and social networking buttons can be added to the site’s header. Included in this WordPress theme are post formats, excerpts, and widgetized sidebars. Provides a wide variety of tools for creating a dynamic and interesting website that draws in and keeps users interested. You may use this design for your own online publication, fashion blog, or shop.

It’s possible that the Themes template isn’t as streamlined as some of the other options we’ve provided. But its monochrome tone-on-tone coloring gives off an impression of sophistication and minimalism. Bloggers that produce both textual and visual material for their blogs will like this theme’s prominent usage of featured photos on the homepage.

The design has four primary locations two in the footer and another in the sidebar for including widgets. Another location occurs right below the header. The theme’s built-in custom widgets allow for a variety of extra functionality, such as social media sharing, author profiles, a sticky sidebar, copyright information displays, and site-wide searches.

You may change the background color and choose a header picture with the perfect proportions. Set up two menu positions, one for general theme navigation and one for social profile connections, to enhance the user experience. If that isn’t enough customization for you, you can also add your own rules to either replace or further modify the theme style rules.

You may select a blog template here that works for your topic and gets you up and running quickly.

Best blog WordPress themes for writers

I’ve compiled a list of the top premium WordPress themes available for purchase. You probably already know that WordPress templates abound on the web. The number of them, to be exact, has increased. Which models work the best and why?

There are some stunningly designed premium WordPress designs, but the settings would make the devil himself cry uncle. There are also fast-paced concepts that take the form of automobiles. So, weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a purchase.

In other words, they are all standard-issue formats for blogging. That is to say, they may be used by bloggers who focus on a wide range of themes. Put such a theme on your website and write about whatever you like, like making a million dollars. We’ll discuss universally applicable formats for documents.

Numerous premade sites populate the best blog WordPress themes. Bloggers, attorneys, fitness instructors, designers, programmers. And others who use this template. probably the top premium WordPress theme out there. This blog has a cutting-edge layout, well optimized code, and blazingly fast page loading times. Great reception from internet reviewers.

One may use the offered visual editor to make changes to the homepage, the section of the site that the majority of readers will see. Important topics on the homepage may be highlighted by elevating them to a distinct level and customizing them with a background fill or an image.

The pre-made layout makes it easy to establish a strong link between your blog and several social media platforms. Post cards, menus, footers, sidebars, and even when copying content, a panel with “Share” buttons appears. This is in addition to the abundance of “Share” buttons inside individual articles itself.

Blog readers should forward your posts as frequently as they can. Blog data show that the greater a page’s number of backlinks, the greater its share of organic search traffic.

Increases in the number of backlinks to your blog from other sites is a direct reflection of how popular your posts are among your readership, thus this is great for your blog’s search engine rankings. Setting up social media integration is a win-win situation; not only will your visitors appreciate the fresh material, but search engines will reward you for it.

Best mobile blog WordPress themes in 2022

The following entry may be automatically loaded using a button. Just as the reader gets to the bottom of the page, another piece is slipped under his nose by the software.

Having such a function has been argued for on the web as a means to lower “bounce rates” and keep visitors engaged. I have no idea whether this is true, but what do I have to lose?

There are several links, illustrative articles, post categories, author bio, and a subscription form all accessible from the main menu. Additionally, the menu does not cause any slowdown in page load times since material is retrieved dynamically, or when the mouse is hovered over a menu item.

There aren’t very many of these mastodons left. If you believe, the most popular niche for blogs and news sites in 2022 will be futuristic. Only one purchase of the template has been made throughout the years. Further, this is not a cheap subject. Many satisfied customers and high satisfaction ratings. You can’t find a more highly rated WordPress theme than this one.

People that want to market their products and services require access to flexible advertising templates. Among blogs, Not for Blogs. has the highest percentage of sales at 100%. The amount of sales may be used to quickly and efficiently sort the templates and confirm this hypothesis.

For individuals looking for a simple, low-cost way to launch their own website, WordPress themes are a fantastic alternative. The template is what decides how the website will look and operate. If you already have WordPress set up on your hosting, all you have to do is choose a theme and start adding content. It’s time to begin construction now that the site is prepared.

There is a choice between free and premium themes. Both the good and the bad. Both the official WordPress theme directory and other websites provide them. Which design format should I use?

You should find some answers in this article. However, it is obvious that we cannot provide a comprehensive summary of all potential topics. Instead, we’ve assembled a selection of the finest zero-cost WordPress themes available everywhere online. Our stock features a wide range of useful items. You’ll discover e-commerce, personal blogging, portfolio, news, business, and many more types of themes here.

Best personal blog WordPress themes in 2022

This post covers a wide range of issues, so to save you time, I’ll just go over the top five recommendations for your WordPress site.

Despite the shortness of this list, there is one thing I want to mention: a premium WordPress theme. This is more than just a generic website template; it’s a robust WordPress page builder with a wide range of options.

If you’re seeking for a paid theme that provides everything you’ll ever need for your WordPress site, your search is finished. Use of a page builder theme is the best course of action.

Read on if you’re interested in learning where to get free WordPress themes for your website or blog. The top ones will be discussed here.

We only included the highest-rated, free WordPress themes in our roundup. Among the options here are tried-and-true favorites, minimalist blog layouts, and templates made expressly for selling goods online. This post is for you if you have no idea how to begin researching a subject. Let’s start by discussing different WordPress themes that may be used to launch an online shop.

The top free WordPress theme out there. Versatile, it is ideal for e-commerce, business, blog and portfolio sites. Developers will adore the versatility of this gorgeous and professional WordPress theme. The template has a static full-width header, an image on the homepage’s first display, demo content, and a plethora of add-ons. In this sense, it’s one of the most adaptable choices we’ve provided.

This is the theme you’ll want to get into if you need to do anything from showcase merchandise to include recent blog entries to discuss the goods and services you sell.

Best blog download WordPress themes

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own internet shop, now is the time. Since the designers built this free theme for WordPress, it will work well with your site and convert it into a powerful marketing tool.

Also, there are a lot of add-ons available, so you can extend it with just about whatever you want, like a dynamic price table, a bookmarking feature, or both. Furthermore, the site may have an eye-catching parallax backdrop, and you can build product galleries with a wide variety of configuration choices.

Need any online shop WordPress themes? a style that is both sophisticated and refined. The e-commerce website template may be used to develop stunning online shops. In terms of quickness, optimization, and user friendliness, it is unparalleled.

There are three different demonstrations included, all of which are fully functional and can be imported with a single mouse click. Both of the available layouts have four different page and post designs.

It also has a slider, a homepage builder, four page layouts, and four post styles that are all visually appealing. This theme is ideal for online stores since it is both search engine friendly and quick to load.

Here we have another another cute WordPress theme for selling digital goods. You may change the size of the content area, go full screen, or choose a fixed width for the product pages, among other options.

Widgets and areas for customer reviews and company logos may be designed specifically for your site. The layout is responsive, meaning that customers buying from a mobile device will have the same pleasant experience they would have on a desktop computer. Check it out if you want a free WordPress theme that looks excellent and functions well on mobile devices.

One of the fastest and most powerful free WordPress themes available, despite its minimal size. This theme will wow your audience with its eye-catching layout and its feature-packed navigation menu.

Best travel blog WordPress themes in 2022

The template may be easily modified and is compatible with all the popular page builders. SEO and WordPress plugin compatibility, as well as AMP readiness.

For practically every kind of site you can think of, the theme has a premade demo that fits the bill. Real estate, education, dentistry, e-commerce, restaurants, coffee shops, spas, weddings, and movies are all covered. Detailed documentation, mobile optimization, several header styles, free support for different languages, and a variety of font and text modification options round out the list of outstanding features.

Yet another adaptable WordPress theme. This theme works well for personal blogs, corporate sites, online shops, portfolios, and other small businesses. The theme may be easily customized and expanded upon despite its lightweight and simple appearance.

The default template has been built with SEO in mind and is designed to load fast, both of which improve the site’s position in search engine results. Also, it plays well with the WordPress editor and other well-known page builders. In sum, this free bundle has everything necessary to launch a website.

The theme’s basic, single-page layout is sure to make a good first impression on any visitor. Built with the needs of businesses and agencies in mind, its sleek aesthetic is ideal for any kind of business or agency website.

The integration with the page builder makes it very adaptable to individual needs. The theme already has some sample pages set up for you, so you won’t have to start from scratch with your website’s design. This WordPress theme is among the finest because of its many useful features, such as its responsive design, search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements, eCommerce compatibility, and giant menu.

Is your search for flexible WordPress themes still ongoing? In spite of its generic name, the WordPress theme may be easily modified. Excellent for both amateurs and professionals alike. Use this theme to create a stunning, responsive website for your blog, store, or company.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a professional-quality WordPress theme for a website. In truth, most, if not all, of the necessary functionality may be found in the free WordPress themes that are available. Assuming you’re going to build a website using WordPress, what theme do you plan on using? Leave a comment and let us know.

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