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Best portfolio WordPress themes


If you are a web designer, you should check the best portfolio WordPress themes which are available in 2022. Especially for graphic designers, you can choose personal, creative or minimalist portfolio WordPress theme. We will be showing you 10 best portfolio themes for your websites, which are responsive and have great UX. For example, you can check Ohio Portfolio.


Best portfolio WordPress themes – Top 10 portfolio templates

These portfolio themes are perfect for web developers, in order to create professional websites for showcase. You can check and download these portfolio templates, in no time.

What is the best portfolio WordPress themes?

Another interesting art collection from the best portfolio WordPress themes, which will look great as a business card site for a photographer, artist or web designer. You do not need to be a programmer and know the code in order to install a template in one click and then configure it in an intuitive editing mode.

Where to find the best portfolio WordPress themes?

Creating a WordPress portfolio will be easy if you choose this original, unique and perfect design. Its customization options are made using a visual editor. It is easy to import and customize. It is light, fresh and creative, suitable for any user who wants to impress.

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Best portfolio WordPress themes in 2022

In our world, the world of digital technologies, there are no presentations anywhere. Projects will be more successful if they are backed up with a visual representation. That is, create your page, website using the desired WordPress portfolio template. This applies to literally any sphere of activity and life, because, as you know, demand creates supply. And if you present it creatively, even ordinary things will look completely different.

To create your page, a business card site or a site where users will regularly come for information, WordPress templates have proven themselves perfectly. They allow you to design pages in different styles, resorting to a phased portfolio, or to categorization, design. They are simple and easy to use, and their appearance effectively. Depending on the tasks and goals, meets any requirements.

A bold design solution in dark and white. Such a site will immediately be remembered by the visitor, while the emphasis remains on the posted works. There is a portfolio sorting plugin so that the user can select something specific. Several options for headers, footers and other settings that can be changed from the admin panel without coding.

Best portfolio WordPress themes to download

The design is bold, even somewhat provocative. You can choose the degree of outrageousness, there are different options, each theme is completely finished and ready for installation. The plugin allows you to enable scrolling on click or infinite. Several dozen options for headers and footers, separately for mobile versions. There are social media widgets.

A modern stylized theme that will suit any freelancer. The universal design looks both beautiful and does not overload the eyes, does not distract from the works placed in the portfolio. Included the main plugins that are included in the price. Intuitive setup through the admin panel. If necessary, technical support is always available.

Bright theme from professionals. Combines clean code, excellent selection of colors and fonts. If necessary, any of the settings can be changed. Because the template is completely from the point of view of the admin. Easy loading of works in the portfolio and wide opportunities for demonstration due to special sliders. There is a blog feature.

Creative theme in style. Interesting demos, each of which is completely individual and does not look like the other. You can choose any blank, adapt to your own needs. All variations look good on mobile gadgets. It is convenient to use as an online store, as well as to blog. It is possible to connect the function of banners.

A laconic monochrome version will look good on a business card or landing page of a designer, creative studio. Simple design allows you to show your own work.

WordPress themes for portfolio websites

This is an attractive, stylish, up-to-date version of the landing page with wide options for demonstrating your work. Responsiveness is included along with online settings, you can change the design, while the result will remain pretty and display well on mobile. The beautiful design of the classic landing page remains simple and versatile enough to use the development for any topic.

It’s a well-thought-out, multi-purpose template that suits a creative contingent, is flexible, and performs well. Its modern professional design will suit an agency, an online magazine, a corporate website and even an online store.

It has many options, a beautiful menu, you can choose any color here, a huge number of fonts are loaded, wonderful animation, but most importantly, it is very easy to customize. Social media buttons, as well as a chat function that works as a separate plugin, add to the convenience of this template.


Best portfolio WordPress themes for web designers

Exclusive template option, organizing content into vertical slides. For quick assembly of the site, you can take the most suitable ready-made structural blocks.

The design used a minimalist approach, white background, contrasting font. When scrolling, a dark footer appears from under the main content. A photo gallery with hover effects on the photo is displayed on the main page.

Multi-purpose unlimited gallery theme, one of the best creative WordPress themes. allows you to speed up the process of creating a site with the help of numerous modules and batch operations. Quick copying of styles and drag and drop of elements. The page builder is used to assemble the pages.

Website designer business card and mobile applications, suitable for landing page. The gallery of works on the main page has several tabs by category, photo previews go in columns. Which allows you to compactly place many examples of work. It is worth noting the menu that changes color and sticks when scrolling, a bright mega footer with an order form.

A concise portfolio site for a private videographer or video studio. The first thing a visitor sees when loading a site is a tall block with a video background. On the demo pages there are sections with videos in full screen or in the format of preview images with a lightbox link.

Portfolio WordPress themes for graphic designers

Stylish portfolio of a photo studio or a private photographer. On the white background of the main page, there is a photo gallery with a grid. Initially black and white photos become color when hovering over.

A website with a light color scheme and scrolling animation. A whole section is devoted to examples of work. In the general list, header photos go into columns, when clicking on their links, the user enters the project section with a slider of all photos.

Premium multifunctional WordPress theme with drag-and-drop builder for business, freelance and personal sites. In the topic of ready-made portfolio design options. The plugin allows you to organize a demonstration of examples of work in the form of a slider.

A creative responsive theme for portfolios and blogs using. I dedicated several original demos to the portfolio format. They have a trendy design and guarantee an amazing UX. You can apply parallax and video backgrounds to design pages.

The start page of the demo allows you to place several important examples of work in three-dimensional sections with parallax. The site uses a simple header and footer with a white background and gray font. Portfolio uses, standard grid.

Bright laconic demo with a light background and a dark footer. At the top of the page there is a large slider for informational banners. When scrolling, the elements of new sections are loaded with an animation effect. For the portfolio section, you can choose a full-width format or with margins on the sides.

Stylish portfolio WordPress templates

A website with a colorful design for a creative company. The start page contained, a banner with the company’s motto, a gallery of selected works, blocks with achievement indicators, customer logos, a feedback order form. When scrolling, the background of the blocks changes color.

The main page of the demo is made in the form of a horizontal slider with vertically oriented slides. Each of them contains the name of the series of works and a link to the section with the full gallery. The menu called by the burger icon expands to full screen.

Incredibly cool portfolio for a freelance designer. The height of the main page, the whole screen, when scrolling, its content moves horizontally. On the left is a freelancer’s resume, on the right, slides presenting the categories of services. Black and white pictures become color when they receive focus.

Creative multifunctional best portfolio WordPress themes applying. The template provides several portfolio options for business projects. Each option is very easy to personalize to show visitors the full range of their work. A colorful demo, the design of which is based on the use of white, blue, cyan and mint colors. The banner and content are decorated with bright graphic elements that start when the cursor moves over the corresponding block.

Professional makeup artist portfolio site with parallax and animation. The main page of the demo contains everything that a selling site may need, self-presentation, a catchy description of services, examples of work, price list, reviews, an interactive contact form.

Website based on WP portfolio themes

The design of the pages in white and blue colors has a confidential effect on users. At the top of the site is a form for booking a visit time. Description of services is accompanied by thematic icons. There are blocks for profiles of clinic specialists and reviews.

Universal template with adaptive html layout, compatible. The layout generator helps to achieve an exclusive portfolio design. With the theme, you can create video and parallax backgrounds.

Portfolio for a wedding photographer/videographer. The background of the voluminous top banner is a video preview with a link to the full version that opens the lightbox block. Similar blocks from the latest video works go in columns under the banner.

Demo business card of a professional artist, basic design colors, white and sand. The page sections use a checkerboard pattern for images and text. Part of the work from the section is displayed on the main page.

Best portfolio WordPress themes creative orientation, working. The theme includes impressive portfolio sections. Sliders will become a spectacular showcase for examples of the work of an illustrator, web developer. A ready-made site in blue and white is suitable for a design or advertising printing studio. The demo includes a spectacular portfolio gallery to showcase your work.

Best portfolio minimalist WordPress themes

WordPress template for creating creative, visually appealing portfolios. Drag&Drop functionality is provided by the plugin. The theme allows you to add audio effects for animation, on clicks and hover.

The start page of the demo is a fade-in slider of bright full-screen banners. Clicking on each of them takes you to an internal portfolio page with a comment form.

Portfolio works on the main page are presented in a vertical full-screen slider. Each slide uses an effect. Internal pages actively use parallax and animated loading.

The template is designed in the style of minimalism, it is suitable for showcasing the portfolio of a designer, architect, professional photographer or agency. This layout is easy to change by literally dragging the desired blocks with the mouse. It is well organized, visually beautiful and multifunctional.

WordPress template with a lot of different options for different purposes. Suitable as a website template for a portfolio theme due to the ability to place images in a dynamic style with an increase. A blank for the required subject looks universal. For photographers, artists, designers, as well as for programmers or accountants.

Special theme for copywriter, editor, author. Light design, emphasis on fonts, which subconsciously also affects the perception of the texts themselves on the positive side. You can post your photo, and there are also ready-made price lists with tables. On the landing portfolio it will immediately be clear what service and how much it will cost the customer.

WordPress portfolio themes for web developers

A multi-template based on the best portfolio WordPress themes constructor with the ability to make online stores, portfolios, landing pages and much more, all in one. Thanks to a good selection, you can always find an interesting option. A stylish responsive theme is offered under the portfolio theme. With dynamic elements of appearance, scrolling, parallax scrolling, the ability to add videos.

Responsive template with creative blog style, interactive contact cards, bright animation, optimized for touch scrolling, modern technologies, and also supports multilingual format.

The highlight of this layout is the two different menus with submenus to choose from. This creative format is suitable for portfolios of freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers. It helps to showcase your work in the best possible way, it is very easy to use.

The developers of this multi-template also took into account all the basic needs of potential customers and clients. Providing basic functions, mobile adaptability, a selection of plugins, including not only visual designers, but also feedback forms. For the portfolio theme, a website template is presented in a light, minimalistic design.

Best portfolio WordPress themes for photographers

If you’re a photographer, artist, or web designer, one thing is for sure. You need a portfolio. A portfolio is the time-tested best way to let potential clients see your work and methodology.

I’ll give you an example. A photographer needs a portfolio to showcase her best work in different categories. And how she manages to shoot in different styles, such as black and white or landscapes. Also, a web designer will need a creative portfolio to showcase the best projects he has created for clients. He will also need a place where he can describe the process of his work with clients.

Portfolios can be of different types and styles. But they have one thing in common: they are important. If you need to make sure that your work resonates with your target audience and attracts new clients. You can use WordPress portfolio themes and they will present you on the web in the most profitable way.

While the best portfolio themes can vary greatly in presentation style, they all have common principles in common. Knowing what is included in the package of themes will help you make a decision when choosing. You will then know what to expect when purchasing a good portfolio theme and will be able to compare creative options with expertise.

These are not all examples of what many WordPress portfolio themes include. What you want to fill your site with may be different from the rest. But you have a better picture of what to expect when looking through the many best portfolio WordPress themes currently available.

Best creative portfolio WP themes

The best portfolio WordPress themes featured here are some of the best that will get you started building your portfolio in no time. Another good thing is that these themes are bestsellers, which means that a lot of people enjoyed using them.

Now that we have a good understanding of what is the best WordPress creative portfolio theme. We can move on to these themes. Here are some of the best selling portfolio themes you can buy.

If you need to showcase your creative work online on a solid foundation of options. This WordPress theme has been recognized as reliable and efficient, and with good reason. It can be used for just about any website you have in mind and will definitely do the job when you need to create an amazing portfolio.

The theme includes a wide variety of options. More layouts, many portfolio options, several demo layouts, several plugins.

This responsive retina display ready theme installs with just one click. It has pre-made headers, options, modern typography, different hover options for portfolios. Portfolio page types, stylized widgets, more font icons.

Best portfolio WordPress themes for download

The theme was conceived with creative people in mind and offers a range of options for creative professionals to help them present their work to potential clients. It has a lot of prepared demos that are installed on a click, which will save you a lot of time.

There are many plugins included, which will allow you to easily create customized layouts. In addition, shortcodes are included. It can be translated, unique portfolio options such as hover styles are supported, integration and more portfolio types. Other elements worth listing are more fonts, more icons, multiple footer styles. The whole theme is responsive, ready for retina displays. This theme has all the elements you need to create an amazing portfolio and showcase your creative work.

Another fantastic portfolio theme that gives you a wide range of options for building a site, but has a slightly more corporate feel. It comes with unique versions of the home page, dark and light skins. RTL support, and a super powerful control panel that lets you customize everything you want.

This theme is super fast, compatible, supports unlimited headers and mega menus, mobile friendly, optimized for retina screen. Comes with full support and documentation.

Best responsive portfolio WordPress themes for websites

A multifunctional portfolio WordPress themes that offers many options for creating a stylish portfolio. And suitable for creative people from different industries. This theme is responsive, super flexible, and allows for multiple customizations. To create the perfect website for your needs.

It comes with lots of demos, documentation, support, and video tutorials to help you get set up quickly. Includes homepage designs, more design elements, a powerful theme options panel, and a shortcode generator. You’ll also have a one-click demo importer, mega menus, animations, unlimited colors, header options, and more. A flexible and powerful WordPress portfolio theme to present your best creative work.

Created for designers, it offers a lot of customization options without slowing down the user. It includes best portfolio WordPress themes, responsive and retina-ready design. Page Builder elements, and single page layouts. There are also plenty of headers, sticky headers, mega menus, click-to-install, icons, and pre-made layouts. High-quality code, lots of elements, free updates, and screen options to help you build an amazing online portfolio.

Another best-selling WordPress portfolio theme worth checking out. This theme will fit in a variety of scenarios, it can be adapted to any purpose. At the same time, it has many portfolio options. They will appeal to creatives of different directions. Designers, illustrators, photographers and others. Several high quality plugins are also included.

Portfolio WordPress themes for professional websites

Included are homepage layouts, a full admin options panel, grid layouts, more menu styles, custom portfolio and blog templates so you have full design control.

While the main focus of the theme is online commerce, it also fits perfectly with portfolios and comes with options to prove it. It has click-to-install demos, minimalistic design, speed and SEO optimization, responsive design.

It also has different types of headers, headers with animation, cart animations, different ways of product presentation, page builder. Different types of pages including portfolio and blog. Easy to use shortcodes, RTL support, mega menus and more.

Another theme that can turn into exactly what you want, from a one-page portfolio to a multi-page website. It has a mega menu, a full-screen menu and a sidebar menu. As well as a range of page layouts to suit a variety of needs.

This flexible best creative portfolio WordPress themes comes complete with blog pages and multiple shop pages. It includes various demos, click-to-install, a full theme options panel, and fonts.

With more than a variety of portfolio pages and a variety of layouts, you can present your portfolio with style and still have plenty of options to expand your site as you grow.

Best portfolio WordPress UX themes

Bestseller among WordPress themes that offers multi-concept solutions for businesses, shops and creatives. The theme’s multiple portfolio layouts and gallery options make this theme a great solution for presenting your creative work. It includes five different designs to suit a variety of tastes and unique page templates.

Blog styles, multiple store pages, quick search options and more. There is also a mega menu and responsive design. The theme is powerful, it can be extended with WPML, sliders.

A creative WP theme that can be used for many purposes, but we are focusing on portfolio today. It includes beautiful demos that can be imported with a single click, store compatibility, customer carousel page transitions, and a shortcode for recommendations.

Lots of layout options like portfolio templates, portfolio list layouts, hover animation effects, multiple blog layouts and custom post formats. You can also use parallax backgrounds, video backgrounds and a range of additional elements to work with. Get this WP theme today and you’ll have a stylish portfolio that will make you stand out from the rest on the web.

If photography is your medium, you’ll love the theme. It is filled with more gallery and portfolio layouts, one of them will definitely suit your project.

Showcase portfolio WP themes

It has a demo, each can be installed with one click. The theme supports many options and portfolio templates with which you can customize. The site to present your work in the best possible way.

This theme supports responsive layout, it includes blog templates and single page layout. Documentation and support included. A theme filled with a large selection of components to help you create an amazing online portfolio.

This WP theme is perfect for photographers, as its name aptly suggests. This responsive theme comes with click-install demos, a choice of light and dark styles. As well as more gallery and portfolio templates, all to showcase your work in the best possible way.

Subsection for checking photos, password protected, infinite scrolling, content builder, menu layout support. Documentation, support, and professional files are included to help your portfolio get off the ground.

Fullscreen photography theme, which comes with many gallery and portfolio options, allows you to creatively present your latest and greatest work. If you’re a photographer and you need to fully present your work in full screen. Then this WordPress portfolio theme is the place to start.

It includes a promo box, portfolio and blog carousels, full-screen slideshows and videos, and a gallery. You’ll also have slideshow text, lots of headers, video backgrounds, and a full screen menu. Optimized for fast loading and SEO included.

WordPress theme for personal portfolio

Another multifunctional theme that can be used to create a stunning portfolio that will impress your clients. Responsive and professional flat design, while the theme is easy to customize with a variety of page builder elements.

Wide range of presentation options, such as widescreen and frame layouts, ready-to-use demo pages, homepage designs, coming soon pages, mega menus and a variety of menu styles. Components are easy to customize, for example, the color changes on click. It includes fonts, page change marks, as well as documentation and video instructions.

You can quickly get your portfolio up and running online, but you will also have all the necessary best portfolio WordPress themes components. At your disposal to help you grow your site later on when your reputation is well established.

in our selection of the best-selling portfolio topics. This theme is easy to customize and perfect for creating a compelling portfolio that is sure to grab attention. If you want your portfolio to stand out from everyone else, choose this theme.

The theme has a powerful admin interface, multiple header layouts, parallax, animations, brick-layout gallery, full screen menus, mega menus and video backgrounds. In addition to stunning visual options for screens, portfolio lists, individual elements, sliders. A client carousel, and just about everything you’ll ever need to showcase your work online in style.

Best portfolio WordPress themes for web designers

Once you’ve found the right theme, make sure you install it correctly. Follow the documentation that comes with the theme, as well as the general guidelines for installing new themes.

It’s good to create a child theme based on the theme you’ve chosen. This way you make sure that your customization doesn’t disappear when the theme update is released.

Speaking of which, it’s a good idea to get familiar with how you can customize your chosen theme. Most good themes come with detailed documentation. So be sure to read it for all the details on how you can customize the theme to suit your needs.

Explore what’s included. Learn how you can get the most out of any component, whether it’s the options panel or the settings.

When you look at your theme’s documentation, you’ll likely find details on working with portfolios as well. You must pay attention to size specifications, acceptable formats, and other layout options. After that, optimize each element of your portfolio according to them.

A good portfolio presentation will not help you if its elements do not fit the required format. Everything will look different. To avoid this, take the necessary time to resize and format your images. The great end result is well worth it.

WordPress portfolio themes for graphic designers

Once your site is up and running with the new WordPress portfolio theme, don’t forget to update your portfolio. Every month, take the time to review your work and change something if necessary. If you keep these points in mind and keep your site fresh, it means that you will look your best.

Trying to start a portfolio site from scratch can be insane. But with an amazing selection of creative WordPress portfolio themes, you can’t go wrong. After a little searching, you are sure to find the perfect theme that suits your personality and becomes your spokesperson online. There is a wide choice, these themes have been created for you by creative authors from all over the world.

Imagine that you have been studying hard for several years, gaining knowledge, and have made every effort to achieve your goal. Now you need to sell your skills in the most profitable way, convert enthusiasm and ambition into net profit. However, even when applying for a job, do not forget that you have another exam ahead of you. Your resume and portfolio must be impeccable, reflecting good style and skill. When it comes to web development, design or photography, it would be nice if this information was online. A quality portfolio template will definitely come in handy in this case.

10 best portfolio WordPress themes

When we talk about the practical implementation of the task, then everyone chooses their own path. Some users try to make the most striking and original portfolio sites, while others choose fairly simple minimalist themes. The technical side does not play a special role.

If you choose premium solutions in this niche, then the corresponding functionality is already built in there from the very beginning. Otherwise, most likely, you will have to finish the output of the list of projects, sorting. Recently, I was just considering a suitable plugin.

A functional solution where, in addition to the list/images of your work, there is a block with services, graphs/scale of achievements, reviews, clients, etc. All this in an adaptive design and with settings. More, of course, looks like a page of a novice web studio, but it will do for one freelancer.

The layout is similar to the previous one in terms of variety of chips, but here they are decorated much more stylishly, compactly and neatly. The slider in the header, the latest blog articles, a nice background background and a pretty menu are extremely positive impressions.

An attractive background combined with bright pictures and light menu/text inserts create a very pleasing effect. Perhaps, in terms of implementation, it is not the most creative option, but in this case, the main thing is the content of the site, and not its appearance.

Minimalist portfolio WordPress themes

Another theme in the style of a one-page web project with many functional elements on the main page: reviews, services, contacts, team, latest news/articles. All this is complemented by large background graphics. The only thing that is not clear in such cases is what particular set of chips is available in the version. Often developers are cunning and take the usual one for the demo.

A classic professional portfolio WordPress template for a designer, there is no one on the main page, but with the help of a slider. Close-ups of the best or latest creations of the author are shown. I like the emphasis on graphics. When you go to one or another thematic section, you will see a grid with previews.

A fairly typical format in a similar topic with a left sidebar, while on the right you see illustrations for pages / posts that you can go to. The layout is universal, suitable for a blog. It seems like it supports adaptability, although it has not been updated for a long time.

Vintage cute design done in matching old school colors. In principle, it is not so complicated, plus in some places it will have to be finished, but in general, like it for originality.

The usual simple template for a photographer in WordPress with a gallery and a blog. There is nothing superfluous here, and I think many users will like this one.

Best responsive portfolio WordPress themes

It has pretty cool typography, and the format is more suitable for blogging. However, you can post your own design illustrations with descriptions, examples of photo shoots in it. Most of all I like the font and the format of the notes announcements.

Implementing a portfolio site with a WordPress template like this is very logical, since here the main focus is on your work and all the functions are related to it. When you hover over the pictures, you will see icons-links to open a full-screen gallery and go to a single page with a text description. The hamburger menu displays a small list of auxiliary sections.

Another minimalistic option. Together with color schemes and a sidebar on the left, it looks mega stylish. Perfect for any type of web resources related to design. From a regular blog to a corporate project of a web studio.

A very functional theme, it’s hard to believe that best portfolio WordPress themes can include so many different options. All of them to the maximum, of course, are presented on the main page. There is even support for a store with a shopping cart. Non-standard arrangement of elements on the screen looks good.

A simple light layout, similar in format to a personal site. Nice typography, light colors and background make for a very good overall impression.

Most creative portfolio WordPress themes

I hope this photographer WordPress template is distributed for free with this title page. She is the main one here, I really like the big photo at the first boot. The top buttons and the logo with a transparent background fit quite organically. When you click on the photo, you will switch to a simpler visual design, but this is not critical.

If it is difficult for you to find time to study all the intricacies of web design. Or if you don’t want to dive into the long routine process of its development with the involvement of freelancers, then it’s easier to use ready-made layouts. You can easily implement them and quickly start attracting potential customers.

Choose a professional solution acceptable for yourself in terms of price / quality in the service. This will help to devote more time to the development and promotion of the brand. Premium portfolio themes for WordPress are perfect for people of creative professions. Many of the options below provide the functionality of online website builders to create websites without the hassle and knowledge of code.

With this multi-purpose layout, you can implement any idea. It weighs extremely little, but at the same time it has a pleasant smoothness and enviable performance. Made in light, light colors with trendy colors and gradient. The flexibility of the structure allows it to be used for many purposes, including as a portfolio. There was a detailed review of the template in the blog, I advise you to read it.

Best portfolio WordPress themes for photography

No limits for creativity, break all the boundaries on the way to realize your project with a simple theme. Adaptive, responsive design is suitable for comfortable work in any browser and device. Using the Drag-n-Drop constructor, creating your own website has become very convenient. All images from Demo and tech support are included.

Dedicated to art topics and is perfect for a WordPress portfolio. It is filled with light colors and light elements, which has a positive effect on viewing comfort. A well-thought-out structure advantageously presents the fruits of your creativity in spectacular photo and video galleries. Everything is equally well displayed both on a computer monitor and on mobile devices.

Are you an architect? Industrial designer? Take a closer look at the architectural layout. The minimalist light solution resembles a modern art exhibition building. You can use this similarity to present your own work in the best possible light. Also, at your disposal you get a lot of plugins / widgets for fine-tuning the project and giving it personality.

Great template for best portfolio WordPress themes for photographer. In this topic, it is important to create a beautiful and convenient presentation of your activities and skills. Here you have at your disposal beautiful photo galleries with all kinds of effects. The installation of which you will spend a minimum of effort and time. To increase the popularity of a web resource online, integration with services from social networks will help.

Most popular WordPress themes portfolio for web developer

Designed to create an online business card for a web designer. Very easy to set up and has two dozen additional modules to solve any problem. It is also optimized for search queries and contains all the necessary SEO parameters to start promotion. Beginners will love it. all work with the site can be easily done without coding skills.

In this multi-purpose creative WordPress template for a designer, you will be able to quickly and easily create pages using the built-in flexible page builder. You can even add different animated effects to your content. In a set of modules, widgets and a library of presets.

Stylish, lightweight template for a photographer is ideal for creating a photo portfolio or a web project for a professional photography studio. The structure here is quite flexible and allows you to add pages with news, photo / video galleries, a blog, as well as a list of commercial offers and services. When buying, you get all stock photos and technical support.

If you are planning to seriously engage in freelancing on the Internet, then you cannot do without your own web business card. A similar statement can be made about many other professions, for example, creative ones. The best WordPress portfolio templates for photographers and web designers selected in the article are just for them and can come in handy.

Most creative portfolio WordPress themes for photographers

The first part of the note is devoted to free solutions, the second one contains some notable ones. By purchasing a layout, you get not only a modern professional appearance, but also get access to many plugins, widgets for an online designer. All page elements are customizable, you can set background images, fonts, colors for them.

A true professional always keeps his work on hand to show the next customer his experience. However, to make a website and show yourself to the whole world is the best solution. In addition, on the site you can post works of any kind. Portfolio templates for WordPress will help you make yourself a nice and very useful advertisement. A practically finished site will only need to be filled with the necessary material in order to ensure an influx of customers. Setting up and debugging will take a couple of hours, which is much faster than writing a site from scratch.

Built as a clean and modern responsive WordPress theme for a multifunctional service agency. This theme is perfectly designed and organized for any kind of service or any kind of online service website. You can easily modify and expand theme layouts. The theme includes five clean home page layouts with two different styles of headers and inner page options.

It is a complete theme for travel, hotel, vacation, rental, car, yacht and other occasions. It integrates with the plugin to give you the booking functionality you need to manage hotels, vacations, rentals, cars, yachts and events.

Responsive WordPress portfolio themes for download

The personal portfolio WordPress theme is designed for many purposes. This is a creative, minimalistic and clean design. It has all the features of a business website. It is suitable for any start-up business, companies, agencies and freelancers. Who need a professional way to showcase their projects and services with a super responsive experience.

Photography portfolio is best for photographers, models, fashion designers, photographers, artists. Personal portfolio, gallery or any other related professional.

Is a charming, modern e-commerce WordPress theme with all the essential features for baby and kids stores. You can showcase baby products in an attractive way. In addition to being fully compatible with, you have an amazing set of store pages and product layouts at your disposal.

Is a modern theme for online shopping. The sleek and spacious design is packed with features to suit brands across multiple channels.

Is an architecture and interior WordPress theme that is perfect for any interior, exterior design agency, architect, building, construction and all other design agencies and businesses.

WordPress portfolio theme for architectures

Specially designed for interior design, dining room, exterior design, kitchen design, living room, master bedroom, residential design, furniture design, office design, commercial design. Hospital design, cottage design, architecture, contractor, construction, industry and manufacturing, factory, gardening, lawn and landscaping, website creation, construction and business.

To create a website that promotes a profession, you need a portfolio WordPress template. Such themes are used when you need to create, for example, a website with the work of an artist or photographer. But new professions are emerging and now every good copywriter should have his business card on the Internet in the form of a portfolio. Which will provide another channel for attracting clients.

The section shows completely free templates, all have responsive design and good layout according to modern standards. View the specifications and download the version you like.

First of all, these WordPress themes are suitable for freelancers of various specializations, web designers, illustrators, photographers. In addition, no one forbids making a corporate website from any template of this collection. Since most themes contain laid-out internal pages, such as a blog, articles.

You can put your own or find a free video on the free video stocks I recently wrote about. The page contains a block with a gallery that can be used as a portfolio, although the pictures in the modal window did not open for me. Apparently you will need to finish the jambs yourself.

Specially designed portfolio WordPress minimalist themes

Stylish one-page template with a large full-screen image, in place of which you can put something of your own. For example, find the desired photo on a free photo stock. The theme design is modern and neat. The theme is perfect for the portfolio of a small web studio, photographer or any creative team. If you are interested in WordPress themes with full screen background images, you can visit my old thread page.

A professional WP theme for a web studio or freelance web designer website. Made at a very high level in the style of Flat. The theme has a huge number of different blocks, such as a variety of counters, galleries, a table with prices, and more. Using them, you will undoubtedly get a cool site.

Responsive best portfolio WordPress themes in flat style for creating web designer portfolio. Made in green tones typical of the Flat style. On the main page there is a portfolio with the ability to break down into categories and then sort by them. Also, the latest articles from the blog in an interesting design are displayed on the main page. In this template, the header is made in the form of a fixed panel, which contains the logo and menu.

The dark theme for WordPress is designed with a one-page style, although internal pages are also available, including a fully designed blog. Perfect for creating a portfolio of a small studio. The main page has a spectacular portfolio with the ability to filter by type of work. In addition to the block with works, there are many blocks on the main page from which you can mold something worthwhile. At the top of the page there is a slider with an effect.

Best stylish portfolio WordPress themes for photographers

High-quality one-page WordPress theme for portfolio implementation. When scrolling, the smooth appearance of content, which is so popular today, is made.

High-quality, bright and responsive WP theme is made in bright, contrasting colors with a large background image slider. The portfolio block is located in the full width of the screen in the form of a grid. Great for photographers.

A minimalistic theme that will appeal to many freelance designers. This is a great solution for implementing your portfolio.

This responsive minimalistic theme is very similar to the previous one, but it has added a fullscreen image slider on the homepage. The template looks very stylish and is suitable for identities.

Perfect for an illustrator’s portfolio, although no one forbids using it for other topics. Among the laid-out pages, the template contains the main page, blog, text page.

Multi-colored one-page Flat-theme for CMS WordPress. Unlike other examples that are given in this article and which are more suitable for photographers and designers. This theme is designed to create a portfolio of a programmer or layout designer. Although, if desired, it is also suitable for people who work with graphics.

Quality one page portfolio WordPress themes for websites

Beautiful template for creating a portfolio of a photographer. The entire site is a solid gallery with a non-standard structure.

A simple multi-page portfolio theme based on WP. Everything is as we used to see it, Main with gallery and internal pages. Everything is simple. Relatively good template with a large background image. Suitable for photography portfolio.

This template for WordPress, the joy of the photographer. Everything is done neatly and beautifully, but to keep the effect, your best photos will be required, since the main page is a full-screen image slider. Free version and Pro version available for download. What is the difference, I do not know and it is not written anywhere. So those who downloaded the free version, write your impressions in the comments.

A light theme for creating a portfolio of a photographer. Although in this case you get a whole corporate website.

Another template with which you can organize a portfolio for a photographer. In this case, it will take a bit to refine the design.

Responsive theme for Wp mid-level. Would like to improve the first screen. The template is a one-page in red colors. Suitable for both photographers and web developers.

Beautiful portfolio templates for WordPress

Paid photo theme, but there is a Free version with some limitations. The theme is of high quality and is designed as a full-screen gallery.

A one-page theme is suitable for a site of one or a group of photographers. With its help, you can organize not only a portfolio, but also a whole Landing Page.

Made in dark colors on the principle of a one-page site, but there are many laid-out internal pages.

It seemed to me that the topic is quite heavy, but done professionally. There are two versions, a free version with reduced functionality and a paid version that supports the ecommerce plugin and forum.

The template is responsive and adapted to Retina monitors. In addition, even the free version has a visual style designer, with which you can replace colors and other elements without getting into the layout. Icon fonts are used as icons, which are now very rapidly gaining popularity. Suitable for creating a portfolio of any specialty. Although, as for me, it is more focused on web design studios.

A simple yet stylish theme from a popular paid template developer. This work is best portfolio WordPress themes.

Best UX portfolio WordPress themes for websites

Nice free portfolio theme. If you follow the links, you will not see beauty, such as on the screen, since the demo site is not filled. Although, judging by the picture, the topic is worthwhile. I really liked the full-screen menu that appears when you click on the three bars at the top of the screen. I recently made a selection of similar plugins.

Stylish theme in dark colors for the implementation of the portfolio of a graphic designer or photographer.

A WordPress theme with a large background image and lots of different blocks. It looks universal and with straight hands you will get a great site. Personally, I liked the dynamics in the demo site.

A minimalistic, trendy theme that will suit many specializations. It reminds me of the default theme of the latest version of Wp, which, in fact, I really like, but adapted for the portfolio.

If you are not a professional designer, it would be wise to use ready-made options. Especially if you are starting out with portfolio WordPress themes. The main thing is that you can go so far in your web design that it stands out. Check out the list of premium WordPress themes below and you might find one that suits your portfolio. Even if you have some web design experience, you can still use the package below. Built according to the latest web design practices, your website can be up and running in minutes. You get the advantage of focusing on what’s important.

Portfolio WordPress themes for professional websites

Before you make your choice, make a list of the key features you need for your portfolio to succeed online. The premium options below are responsive from the ground up. This means your portfolio can shine on any smart device that exists today. Next up, universal design, which allows you to get creative with your page layouts. It helps that a powerful page builder comes bundled with WordPress design portfolio themes. In addition, you will want your portfolio to be as close to the top of the search engine results as possible. Well, who doesn’t like it? For this, the best options follow the latest SEO rules. Want to sell things by chance? Don’t worry. Choose a theme that supports the WooCommerce plugin. You will find more goodies.

You can easily launch an outstanding website for your creative personal or corporate project using a WordPress theme. The theme is built with a page builder, making it an all-in-one web design solution suitable for beginners. There is no need to create the home page and internal pages of your site from scratch. The WordPress theme is loaded with several pre-designed pages and layout styles that you can easily customize to suit your brand style and goals. The theme also includes a custom theme color editor that allows you to update any selected theme element with your chosen color palette.

Best showcase portfolio WP themes for website

Consider using best portfolio WordPress themes as a fast and feature rich base for your creative personal portfolio website. This is a multifunctional WordPress theme that has everything you need to quickly launch your eye-catching online property. This is done with a page builder that allows you to apply quick changes to different sections and pre-made pages of a theme in an intuitive drag and drop mode. The theme includes a set of ready-made blog, store, and portfolio demo styles that you can use or after making some quick tweaks.

A positive online presence is more important than ever in our current virtual world. To build it, give a check. This premium design portfolio WordPress theme is suitable for any business or corporate web project. The number of satisfied customers is growing day by day, and it’s no wonder why. complies with all best practices to keep your website running smoothly no matter what.

It comes with tons of pre-built websites, page layouts, and modules to help you get your workflow up and running from day one. Next, it offers you two booking options and a booking calendar. Of course, it supports the plugin for selling things online. When it comes to portfolio layouts, the choices are endless. Customize your headers and footers to make sure they’re noteworthy. It helps that a powerful layout builder is included in the package. When it comes to premium plugins, it can work with many.

Portfolio WordPress theme for developers

The WordPress theme has been designed to be used in all kinds of online and offline portfolio such as assessment, design, student, fashion, makeup, visualization. It features a clean, simple design that draws attention to your site’s content. The layout of the fully responsive theme is optimized to display your content. In the most attractive and favorable light on all desktop and portable devices. The theme includes three pre-made homepages that are perfect for showcasing your creative portfolio. The theme is also perfect for blogging and portfolio building. Five stunning portfolio layouts are ready to go online right out of the box.

An online portfolio is a way to showcase your professional work as well as your skills and experience. The design portfolio WordPress themes listed here should be at the top of your list. From the very beginning, it can work for creative web projects, photographers’ or architects’ websites. Whatever your specialty is, it can set you apart from others in your industry.

The main thing is that the page builder supports so you don’t have to hack any code. So you can create new page layouts or edit existing ones by simply dragging and dropping them. You can draw inspiration from eleven pre-made demos and choose the one that’s right for you. You can then customize its appearance to your liking. You can even add an online store and sell products or services on your website. also a good choice for personal blogs, resumes or magazine websites. Finally, the plugin ensures that your website follows the best web design guidelines.

Best portfolio WordPress theme is 2022 for graphic designers

For those who are interested in fine arts, graphic design, photography, it will be an excellent choice. Clean and attractive, it can help you create a portfolio that looks like everyone else. stands out from other design portfolio WordPress themes to help you market yourself in a unique way. You can use to create a portfolio for almost any niche that exists today.

Allows you to showcase your skills and accomplishments like never before. It helps that there are many additional custom shortcodes and widgets for this. Customizing page layouts is also easy. To do this, use the powerful drag and drop page builder. Also, start your own online store and sell your products or services there. Plugins help you interact with your audience. In addition, you will be able to manage your email lists. If you need to translate your website into any language, a plugin is here to help. And forget not to blog. This is a great way to entertain your audience while keeping your site ranked at the top.

Can be useful for creative people who want to take the extra step to showcase their work and skills. Take the time to study it and you won’t regret it. It has a responsive and attractive design that suits all kinds of online and offline portfolios. In addition, it is suitable for personal blogs, online magazines, world news portals or resume sites. And the coolest thing is that it comes with WPML support and RTL feature.

Best portfolio WordPress theme in 2022 for web designers

As with other design portfolio WordPress themes, there are plenty of pre-made page styles. Thus, you can save time and get to work faster. This is a great option for those who are not sure about their page design yet. Then go to your pages and personalize them. Thanks to your customization options are almost limitless. Monetizing your portfolio is always smart as it can help you make money online. What’s more, you can always get creative with your headers and footers. And remember what the plugin supports to keep your site running smoothly no matter what.

Are you looking for the best designer portfolio WordPress themes to showcase your skills? Then it might suit you. Promote your talents and capture the essence of your personality to stand out from the competition. The best thing is its versatility. This means that you can use it to create a portfolio website for any niche. Even better is an online store or event organizer.

First, a great choice for business and corporate sites. It also features a video house to help tell a story about your brand or personality. Either way, you’ll get ten creative pre-designed demos to choose from. In addition, it is built with high page loading speed in mind, so let your users enjoy every second on your site. Who doesn’t want to speed up website development? To do this, it comes bundled with several shortcodes and modules. This way you don’t have to crack any code and create pages like a pro. You can then manage your events, services, and product pages without any additional effort on your part.

Best portfolio WordPress theme in 2022 for web developer

If you are interested in advertising or marketing, find out how can help you. Do you want to find your ideal client? Piece of cake. This clean sample design portfolio WordPress theme will do the trick. Use it to create a website for a web design studio, creative agency, or marketing agency. Showcase your unique talents by learning, not coding. And let the whole world enjoy your portfolio on any smart device.

With a powerful framework, you are in control of both the visual and operational side of your site. Also, you don’t call professionals to create new page layouts. Instead, you use power and see miracles happen. Give your audience a chance to get to know you and what you value. To do this, place your best projects or works on the main page sliders. Create stunning portfolio galleries and organize them in stunning grids. You can also manage your email lists and interact with your users using contact forms. Finally, it meets the requirements, which is also an advantage.

With the right tools, creating a website is surprisingly easy. And he can prove it to you. Its clean and beautiful design looks great on all modern mobile devices. Design and architecture companies will benefit the most from this theme. Interested in starting a home renovation blog or exterior design magazine? Have fun. One thing is certain, it can help show your personality. So, what is your hook that sets you apart from everyone else?

Best portfolio ux WordPress themes in 2022

This time it supports page builder. Actually nothing new. This is another popular drag and drop tool for creating pages. And the best part is that you don’t have to learn how to program. Of course, as with other design portfolio WordPress themes, pre-designed pages are a must. In addition, several modules and custom shortcodes will help you avoid difficult questions. So get online within hours. To sell things on the Internet supports the plugin. What’s more, you can display your responsive feeds on your website. Be sure your audience will appreciate it. Need help? Check out the detailed documentation or get help.

Take a look and get a good idea of ​​what it is. In short, this is another popular design portfolio WordPress theme for business websites. From the get-go, it’s perfect for both corporate and personal websites. People want to see what you can create and how you do it. So don’t make them wait; otherwise they will leave without reason to return.

From the moment you switch, there are no limits on what you can do. With various custom shortcodes and widgets, manage your theme like a pro from day one. Plus, feel free to edit page layouts, create home page sliders, or change color settings. Just because the theme is extremely flexible, you can customize it to suit your needs. For added effect, the theme supports parallax backgrounds. Let your users book appointments online and save tons of time for yourself. You can switch to the editor if necessary. This is because it supports it. In addition, the theme can work with plugins.

Best portfolio WordPress theme in 2022 for web developer

No programming experience is required to create a website using. Can’t say for sure? Then take the time to give it a try. When you invest in WordPress themes for your design portfolio, don’t expect anything but the best. you can showcase your creativity. Everything from design to features can improve the SEO of your portfolio. And who can complain about it?

The theme has two versions. So you can choose from one full page design or a classic boxed style. Where to go? Well, it all depends on your needs and business requirements. Either way, you can experiment with both and see which one suits you best. Then go to the pre-designed inner pages and personalize them. In addition, you can launch your own online store selling goods or services. Save time and display responsive feeds on your website. It supports a plugin for this. Plus, you can easily manage your online bookings and save time for other important things. And remember, you can still get creative without sacrificing usability.

If you need help brainstorming how to create a designer portfolio website, get in touch. It has a clean and attractive design that fits all modern screen sizes. In fact, it can work for exterior/interior designers or architecture firms right from the start. However, if you want to blog about home renovations, go ahead and have fun. Don’t be afraid to push your design through your creative whims.

Top gallery WordPress theme in 2022 for download

can offer you three options for the home page. Browse them and choose the one that suits your business. Then move on to the inner page styles and get a little creative with them. If you are afraid of coding problems, don’t worry. The power of a page builder will help you skip them. You can always level up your website by adding a booking feature to it. So your users can book appointments online and you can manage them on the go. Of course, the theme complies with the latest SEO guidelines to help your site rise to the top. And remember that your blog can significantly increase the ranking of your site.

Ah, there you are. Before choosing, make sure you know what you are looking for. It’s hard to choose one of the best designer portfolio WordPress themes without having an idea. So, do your best to list your requirements first. Otherwise, you can lose time. And as you know, time is money. So, let’s find something interesting for you.

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WordPress offers a range of well-designed templates tailored to suit a variety of purposes. Here you will find your site large and small companies, entrepreneurs from various industries, online stores, artists, bloggers. And individuals who want to create their own site. In this article, I have focused on photography WordPress themes.

Creative portfolio WordPress themes in 2022

As a creative person, many of the photography WordPress themes have fascinated me mainly because of their design. But they also have many practical benefits. You can choose from a rich palette of paid templates that offer professional photographers a quality presentation opportunity, or WordPress themes that you can download for free.

The offer of paid and free versions is really rich. The photography WordPress templates that are available for free don’t have a lot of features, but for sure amateur photographers will be happy to use them to present their work. However, paid WordPress templates have a number of advantages.

If you want to surprise your clients with a stylish and wild presentation, this is the right choice. It is colorful, dynamic and full of possibilities. Offers the creation of a wide and understandable menu. It’s easy to personalize. A user manual is available for this purpose.

The theme also includes online store schedules. There is a slight loading delay due to the size of the theme, but this shouldn’t be a problem on most computers and mobile devices. It is designed for professional photographers or design studios. Many companies will certainly appreciate the many options it offers.

Most responsive UX portfolio WordPress themes

Photographer WordPress theme is dedicated to presenting photos in high resolution formats. It offers the possibility to create a portfolio of multiple photographers. A rich selection of topics will satisfy even the most demanding client. Features such as slideshow, grid, or slideshow galleries allow you to create high-quality photo slideshows. The template provides several options from which you can choose yours.

One of the easiest WordPress themes for photographers. It has a modern and elegant look. Easy to operate. Detailed instructions will help the user create a page in a few minutes. I was fascinated by the ability to create a well-designed presentation on a template. Here, a beginner photographer or photo studio can briefly present their work. Needless to say, the possibility of regular updates and professional support.

There is a choice of several concepts for creating the page and the menu itself. Individual concepts are easy to personalize. He also offers a presentation. She is fast. Of course, you can adjust the image size for different types of devices.

Is the new standard for photo gallery WordPress templates. It offers modern trendy design. It allows you to present the offered services and portfolio in a new light. The developers also paid attention to details such as subtle harmony and color contrast. This is a professional, multifunctional template adapted for photographers.

Best portfolio WordPress templates for professional websites

Focused, professional template focused on image quality, this is the short description of the template. It is suitable for various purposes. For excellent handling of embedded images, this is one of the quality templates for photographers. It offers rich layout options and photo gallery styles. Sophisticated, feature rich theme redesign is easy to use for the end user thanks to detailed instructions. To whom else it will seem small, the template contains more pre-made page layouts, animation options and fast customer support.

WordPress theme for photographers, a great helper for creative people. It offers a wide range of presentation options for a portfolio converted into a crisp photo gallery. It is also suitable for professionals. Several ready-made display templates are available.

Easily adaptable to the needs of the end user. A well-written guide will guide you through the individual setup steps. When creating a portfolio of photographs, you can choose from several options for organizing them. From a crisp full-width photo slideshow to a grid.

Creative has a stylish design. Suitable for photographers, photo studios and design agencies. I was interested not only in her appearance, although she also stands out beautifully on the small screen. The creative contains all the modules that the site needs.

10 portfolio WordPress themes for showcase

The creators took inspiration from nature when designing the look of this theme. She will especially appreciate photo studios, freelancers and design agencies. Even a beginner can easily handle it. Use a template to create a presentation that sets you apart from other websites. Buying this theme will give you professional support from the developers.

A truly amazing WordPress theme for photographers. At first glance I was attracted by the elegance of its workmanship. By choosing this theme, you will convince your site visitors that you have good taste, even before they look at the photos themselves.

It offers a choice between a horizontal or vertical menu, the ability to set a full-screen slideshow, and multiple photo galleries. Compatibility with several WordPress plugins and SEO optimization is also welcome.

Web developer portfolio WordPress themes

Simple at first glance, but full of possibilities. This is a short description of the template. Suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. It’s easy to use. You don’t need any special skills. You can go through the basic settings in a few minutes. offers various photo layouts.

For beginner photographers who have a deeper pocket, I recommend a free template. It has a stylish look, unique vertical scrolling themes, and a full-screen slider. A sidebar can introduce site visitors to individual photo slideshows. I was impressed by the fact that this template differs from the usual freely available templates for photographers in several customization options. The theme is also suitable for other art styles, blogs and small businesses.

Another freely available WordPress template for photo galleries. Its minimalistic design does not detract from its beauty. A clear photo grid is complemented by a sidebar. If you are missing some features, you can purchase the paid version.

This WordPress photo template combines bold, stylish design with functionality. It offers one-click installation. In this way, you can gradually return to the creation of the page. Photography has pre-made page layouts and galleries.

The Photography theme is primarily designed for professional photographers. It includes an advanced photo editor and allows you to upload a large number of images at once. Perfection is rounded off with additional options such as parallax scrolling and background video. It is also plugin compatible.

Popular WordPress portfolio themes for web designers

The template literally breathes life into every photo. Even lower quality images look really good on it. The basic version offers many design options, gallery styles, and page layouts. And more in weekly updates. In it, the user will find everything from the publication of photographs, through their presentation and communication with the customer, to their sale.

Fans of blogs or vlogs will also enjoy. The site also offers interaction with its visitors. When counting the many pluses, it is probably clear that the developers have not forgotten. About SEO optimization and compatibility with several WordPress plugins.

Photographers are the people who care about the appearance of the site. This is exactly what the developers of the WordPress photo template thought. The arrangement of individual template themes will draw attention to the photos. You can scroll the photo gallery horizontally and vertically. Despite the emphasis on artistic impression, the site is clear and practical. It offers a modern solution for bloggers, fashion agencies, photographers and other artists.

Another example of how minimalistic design can bring maximum impact. The one page layout is a popular way to present it in a simple way. The theme will appeal to photographers, freelancers, creative agencies, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone will surely appreciate the SEO optimization of this WordPress theme for photographers. The ability to customize for all devices and the ease of personalization.

Popular portfolio WordPress themes for download

Not to forget about wedding photographers. The template fulfills its purpose in every way. Suitable for photographs from weddings, other special occasions and celebrations. Photos can be stored in multiple galleries. There are separate galleries for color and separately for black and white images. You can also choose from a variety of photo layout options.

The developers paid special attention to the practical connection to social networks. Thanks to this, the newlyweds can show off their wedding photos to their friends. The template is compatible with all devices.

Responsive Wedding Photography WordPress Theme features elegant and functional workmanship. Its simple yet attractive design draws attention immediately. The template was created specifically for the presentation of wedding portfolios. It covers all the needs of wedding photographers. It is also perfectly customizable for all devices.

Photos stand out beautifully on the screen of a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Photo studios will certainly want to use all the tools to support sales and quality presentation that the template offers. You will definitely love this WordPress theme for photographers.

is a minimalist template suitable for wedding photographers, small wedding studios, professional and amateur photographers. It beautifully stands out shots from social events, as well as shots of nature and fashion. It has an easy setup. Even a beginner can handle its personalization. The user has several options for the location of photos, fonts and colors.

Personal portfolio WordPress themes

Blew me away with her graphics. Photos look alive with this WordPress photo gallery template. It has several options for creating blogs, video blogs, art galleries and photo albums. It supports both fullscreen video and slideshow using the plugin. This template is creative, modern and easy to customize. It will be used mainly by professionals.

As I looked at the template, one word came to mind: multifunctional. It offers stylish portfolio editing for all photographers. It highlights portraits, product photos, fashion, moments and nature. It will be used by photo studios, fashion agencies and travelers. contains more pre-made designs. You can create a page with just one click. Even a beginner can handle personalization.

Is a template for photographers, art agencies, artisans and bloggers. Thanks to the plugin, entrepreneurs can also use it. This template has a modern look and is responsive. It has over 200 image layout options. Installation instructions and personal settings are available.

A page created according to a template will definitely stand out among others. All its components work together as one harmonious whole. And this is what the developers of this template have taken care of the most.

Great portfolio WordPress theme for photographers

Template, one of the simplest yet effective photo gallery solutions. It has an attractive, elegant design. It is fully responsive and optimized for search engines. It is suitable for all types of photos. doesn’t offer a staggering amount of features. Which certainly balances out the quick setup and the ability to organize different photos.

The photo gallery best portfolio WordPress themes has an attractive look. It is designed for professional photographers and artists. In addition to creating multiple galleries, it offers the ability to embed videos. Even her speed will not disappoint. Despite the amount of embedded content, the site is responsive.

Features such as a home page, portfolio filter, and five separate project pages are also available. The developers also thought that the users of the template are not experienced programmers. You can create a page using a template in a few steps.

If you care about the perfect photo layout, the right template is for you. It is flexible and easy to use. Offers the ability to create multiple galleries with different arrangements of images, a diary with the ability to communicate with clients, fonts, the possibility of animation and links.

A beautiful modern WordPress photo template with an unobtrusive design. It has several portfolio design options, a number of sliders, fonts and detailed documentation. Thanks to the compatibility of the WordPress template with other devices, photos stand out perfectly on the screen of your computer, tablet and phone. In addition to presenting photos, it also gives you the option to create a blog.

WordPress themes for portfolio professional website

it is a template of limitless possibilities. The user can perfectly adapt it to his ideas. The full-screen layout displays photos in an attractive way. The template offers several presentation options, including the use of a plugin. New is the mirror effect, which gives photos a three-dimensional look.

It may seem that the page will slow down due to the number of photos and effects, but this is not the case. It is optimized for maximum download speed.

Best photographer WordPress themes, last but not least. It is ideal for photo studios, artists and galleries. Needless to say, it is fully responsive and optimized for search engines.

Offers the creation of a truly unique site. There are four demos, portfolio layout templates, animation tools, blog templates, and link support. The plugin is also part of this WordPress theme for photographers.

We introduced you to the templates that interested me the most. Which one do you like the most? Write to us in the comments.

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