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Best video WordPress themes


If you are looking for a video theme like youtube, you should check the best video WordPress themes available in 2022. You can choose a background video WordPress theme, for video streaming, or simply a theme with video header WordPress themes. Check these 10 best video themes for best video WordPress themes for your video production company. For example, you can check VidMov Video.

Best blog WordPress themes – Top 10 blog templates

These video themes are perfect if you are looking for a video WordPress theme for you video producion company. You can check and download these video templates, in no time.

What is the best video WordPress themes?

Full-screen video backdrops, portfolio displays, and gallery choices are just some of the features of this flexible WordPress theme. Features a Drag-and-Drop page editor and custom-made templates. The theme comes equipped with its own set of widgets, such as a video lightbox that opens movies in a new window.

Where to find the best video WordPress themes?

Create a creative video portfolio with this WordPress themes. Features a flexible page layout as well as a visual editor for making your own. Included portfolio space allows for stylish media display. The widget ready features of this theme include endless color options, custom widgets, multiple sidebars, and giant menus.

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Best video WordPress themes in 2022

The video will certainly stick out in your mind among the sea of other online material you’ve consumed. As a marketing tool, it is ubiquitous in the realms of e-commerce, business, and others. Background video in the top of the site is already an established practice. Consumer-motivating media, such as instructional films, is now routinely used to address pressing issues. So if you want to do anything, why not start a video website? One of the simplest ways to get there is to use a WordPress theme.

In the present day, all themes, including WordPress themes, have media hosting built in. If you’ve built your own WordPress-powered website, you can add a video to any post by pasting in some HTML code. Unfortunately, though, not every sample has the appropriate expert qualities. It’s important to choose a high-quality theme so that your video integrates well with the layout. Complements the rest of the material, and provides you and your visitors with the functionality you’re seeking.

In this collection, you’ll find the finest WordPress themes for websites selling media items, including both paid and unpaid options for creating and displaying videos. Alluring, user-friendly, and simple options have been chosen. Video is a major part of these themes, and it comes in a variety of post formats and with a variety of extra features.

WordPress template without cost for video blogs or news portals. Features an embed code generator, video thumbnails, and a slick HTML5 video player. With a multi-page design, you can make the necessary changes to the template and have your online project up and running in no time.

Simple, free, and dark WordPress theme. A mobile-friendly layout that’s also easily localized. The template’s easy-to-change format and careful planning make it ideal for last-minute tweaks. The preview of the latest YouTube videos is automatically added to the main page of the template.

Vlogger-centric free WordPress theme. Included is a plugin that makes it easier to modify templates. The homepage’s layout is tailor-made for playing video teasers.

Best WordPress video themes like YouTube

Video-focused websites may take use of this solid WP framework theme, which is loaded with cutting-edge support for WordPress and HTML5/CSS3. The modern web design aesthetic is reflected in the site’s attention to typography, usability, and user experience (UX). In addition to the main page’s other custom features, Instapage includes a landing page builder. Mobile compatibility, search engine optimization. Translation ready, and the ability to leave comments on posts on Facebook are just some of the features offered by this theme.

A multimedia-ready WordPress theme for periodicals, news sites, and weblogs, with many homepage layout possibilities. Syncs effortlessly with YouTube and lets you share material from other prominent video hosting sites.

Whatever your video site’s intended purpose, gaming, entertainment, journalism, or science, a dedicated theme will provide you all the tools you need to make it a success. Modularity and efficiency in a streamlined, well crafted package. The integration with will facilitate the development of a culture centered on engaging videos.

WordPress theme designed to seem like a storefront. There is enough choice to release an almost complete responsive website. It has two color schemes dark and light, a preview generator, a shortcode generator, a slider builder, and a widget builder. You may make a website for a magazine or a video channel that reflects your own taste by using and modifying any of the available page templates.

Consistently excellent user experience and responsive web design mean less pinching, panning, and scrolling for visitors across all devices.

Sleek, feature packed theme with clean code & design, powerful customization and well designed responsive layout. The visual designer makes it simple to use on any device and quick to set up. Allows for embedding of Vimeo/YouTube videos and connection to other social media platforms. The user experience may be enhanced by adding a helpful hover effect on photos. Using the ad rotation plugin will make it easier to generate income from the site.


Best video WordPress themes for download in 2022

An original video blogging template with features you won’t find in any other WP template. Single-column and multiple-column homepage layouts are also available.

The video embedding on this site is incredibly simple, and the design of the blog itself is beautiful and optimized for going viral. The layout of the theme’s advertisements is maximized for financial gain. Smart site search, dynamic menu that may be styled anyway you want, and unlimited color possibilities.

A blog or online magazine would benefit greatly from using a minimalistic WordPress theme. The design is up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and responsive. You may upload videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as manage user videos, curate playlists, and create video channels. Has a fluid design, allows for translation through WPML plugins. Is optimized for search engines, and can be set up with no effort.

A WordPress theme that is both visually appealing and functional would be ideal for a photo-video blog or narrative website. The layout is tailored to lengthy postings that include audiovisual material that stands out to the user. Embedding video, music, picture galleries, and maps are all part of the extensive personalization choices available. The responsive layout is built using cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 code and is optimized for high-resolution displays.

incorporates a content slider and video preloading into its magazine-style layout. Useful for a site devoted to the entertainment industry, such as a movie or celebrity fan site or a store-style fashion blog. With a few clicks, you can add a custom video player to your sidebar, or a social network profile and Flickr photo album. You may choose between two different color palettes and an options panel with this theme.

With the WordPress video theme’s rich personalization options, ability to embed and preview HTML 5 video. And other features, you can quickly and easily create your own online video site.

Modern layout accommodating a media collection through a slick full-screen slider. This event is great for a website dedicated to music and entertainment, a bar, or a nightclub with a seasonal theme. Theme features include an event calendar, picture galleries, post statistics sections, social network sharing buttons, and a page builder.

Top background video WordPress themes

A premium, multipurpose WordPress theme ideal for showcasing videos, pictures, and other material. The theme comes with a visual designer and a shortcode generator. And it can display either a single page or several pages. It also has a valid HTML5 and CSS3 layout, is SEO-friendly, and is compatible with Retina displays.

Beautiful blog template design. There is a beautiful flair to the main page, and post thumbnails add to the overall aesthetic. You may use third-party plugins to make video previews. The theme’s features include a slider, shortcodes, social networking buttons, and a widgetized homepage.

A sleek, fully-functional slider awaits you in this contemporary WordPress theme. Suitable for a music theme, event site or video site. The theme has a visual page builder and complete WooCommerce support, as well as an integrated video and picture gallery, a sound cloud playlist, a discography/reviews/albums area, and more.

An on-screen slider for mobile devices is a very unique feature. This template was made with photographers in mind, but it may easily be adapted for use with videos as well. The page builder is simple to use and comes with two color options dark and light.

Modern WordPress skin perfect for a music, theater, or other creative online presence. Features a sophisticated modular grid homepage layout, HTML5 video posts with an embed option, picture galleries. WPML translation ready, shortcodes, and customized widgets.

WordPress theme optimized for sites with plenty of video content, with lightning-fast load times. We have a “Like” and “Dislike” rating system, as well as a “Watch Later” list of videos. There are many other types of websites that may benefit from a well-optimized theme. Such as those featuring viral material, online magazines, gaming websites, etc. Web initiatives may be launched in a variety of markets thanks to flexible design possibilities.

A new, cutting-edge, and vivacious WordPress theme. Good for film blogs and fashion publications with internet presence. The theme is flexible, letting you add films from many online services.

Contains a lookout type, and its strong plugin will allow you decorate your galleries and carousels. The simplistic design works well on any mobile device.

A responsive WordPress theme that may serve as a gaming hub, news aggregator, community hub, or even an online shop. We support a wide variety of layouts and color schemes, offer an embed option, and can play HTML5 video. It’s possible to showcase all of your video content exquisitely on a single page with TV-page.

Best video WordPress themes for video production company

Photo-centric WordPress theme with useful features. Features an organized portfolio with a video slider that can be edited, transparency, a call to action, upcoming event details, etc. The theme is Retina ready, WPML ready for translation and supports eCommerce functionality.

The film’s subject matter is ideal for users of video sharing services. There is no performance hit from the builder’s integrated features, and you may create as many unique page layouts as you want. Translation, WooCommerce and sophisticated administration are supported.

The magazine video template comes with a carousel slider, a footer menu with sections, a pop-up lightbox, and a color scheme generator with predefined colors. Making it suitable for an information site, a video site, or a blog. Completely compatible with WooCommerce.

An easy-to-use and simple portfolio theme ideal for any kind of website. You may use its features to set up a video blog, a personal sales website, or an online shop offering multimedia products. Best video WordPress themes is search engine optimized and comes with endless skins and styles. Logo customization options, and three different portfolio layouts.

Check out this article for an in-depth look at the top WordPress video themes of 2022, with a review of the requirements and advantages of each. There will be a premium version and a free version of the narrative.

The programmers conceived of this particular audiovisual motif. It may be simple in appearance, but it was designed with clean, attractive typography and careful consideration for every every element. Create a video carousel to showcase on the homepage. Theme features include the ability to upload videos, use a bespoke backdrop, headers, menus, and more.

The theme enables you to build an endless number of video categories, display popular videos, rate videos and share them via social networks. The video blog format works well with this design.

In the post, we will discuss current WordPress layouts for video resources. To aid you in creating a high-quality video site in 2022, we have compiled a variety of paid and free templates. Perfect for online video galleries, video sharing sites, and portfolios.

Is a contemporary WordPress theme with an emphasis on videography. Improves magazine sites by providing intricate layouts and innovative video presentation options.

Best WordPress themes for video streaming

Here is a collection of the top WordPress video themes you can use to make. Professional-looking movies and videos for uploading to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

The use of video is becoming prevalent in modern culture. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, lower internet rates, and better cameras, individuals have begun to film a lot more movies. The iPhone has been used to film some of the most-viewed videos on YouTube.

As the number of people working in any given field rises, it becomes exponentially more difficult to differentiate oneself from the crowd. Meanwhile, everyone can build the next great project on Youtube and gain millions of views.

As you grow more serious about videography, it may be time to develop a distinctive and professional website to promote your work. This will provide you additional leads and other commercial options as a videographer, filmmaker, or amateur videographer.

In this collection, we’ve gathered front-end video sharing themes, professional movie studio themes, and other best video WordPress themes. For storing or embedding your movies from Youtube Vimeo and other popular sources.

Is a responsive and simple WordPress video theme ideal for online video magazines. It features a well-thought-out array of premium creative tools and plugins. As well as a large library of excellent example websites to help you get started.

To those who feel they have not been heard, this is your issue! Clean design, simple navigation, and powerful plugins, such as the plugin and plugin for food and cuisine aficionados. Make it a favorite among both amateur and professional bloggers. Foodies who blog or scathing reviewers.

Best video tube themes WordPress for download

WordPress has two distinct but equally simple admin user interfaces, giving you complete creative control over your site’s look and feel. With Soledad’s extensive library of pre-made designs and demonstrations at your disposal. You’ll have no trouble finding the right expression of yourself and your ideas.

Is a responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme ideal for blogs and magazines. The greatest way to create a fresh, beautiful website. Various types of blogs and online publications have a polished, professional design. It’s fast and simple to get going. An incredible degree of adaptability is provided by the abundance of available best video WordPress themes options and the potential for an unlimited number of layouts. You have almost infinite control over. Websites that use videos, in particular, have a professional design and are fast to load.

Entice your target audience, function flawlessly even during busy traffic hours. And adapt to the media formats of today’s online users. No coding experience is necessary to produce high-quality output. The theme’s user interface is entirely visual and simple to use. It also comes with several header and article formats. Improvements like more plush sliders provide a welcome layer of variety.

Is a cutting-edge, mobile-friendly video-focused WordPress theme ideal for news or magazine sites. It’s a publishing format that can keep up with the times. Each blog has the qualities of a high-quality website thanks to the careful incorporation of clever features. Make an impression on your audience with polished templates and personalized demonstrations. Use to set up several content widgets. Today’s sophisticated encoding methods ensure that your media assets will display beautifully across all platforms. ideal for video diaries, video magazines, and vlogs.

Ease the strain on the social network’s server. Visual material such as sliders, galleries, and portfolios may be presented in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Without even thinking about it, a site with flawless SEO will begin to see an increase in visitor numbers. Your whole site may be translated automatically, opening it up to a whole new audience in a matter of minutes. Get your films seen by more people by overcoming language barriers. Your material will stick out more if you use a unique writing style.

Top background video WordPress themes

Is a cutting-edge Video Theme for WordPress. Several different starter homepages are included to facilitate a speedy launch. On addition, there is a toggle switch in the control panel to disable the code, and the interface has been subject to further refinement. The design includes a selection of sliders in a number of formats, an infinite number of sidebars, and several widget areas. Accommodates a wide variety of video file types to maximize portability. Additionally, many more are included! Bootstrap is used for the layout, and a panel-based framework provides the basis for the interface. Among the many things you may use this for is publishing documentaries, indie films, and blogging.

Purposes and a ton of simple shortcodes for its control panel. The same holds true for typography, where you may get ready-made typefaces. Examine the perks of his extra social bundle. Especially helpful video guides and extensive documentation. You can count on free, regular updates and excellent personalized support. Any and all vloggers will be blown away by its concept and execution. It’s easy to install, so why wait? Download it today. Get started now.

Is an expert WordPress theme for producing instructional videos. This is a great subject for YouTubers and vloggers. You may be at home while studying from an online course or watching a video instruction. Whether it’s photography, cooking, seeing new places, or driving fast vehicles, your enthusiasm may translate into a successful business. Video carousels, grids, and lists may be added with a single click! The ability to add a slideshow to any video is a welcome bonus. Most of them are mobile gadgets, so it’s natural that they would be quick and easy to use. Listings of thumbnails from various posts may be added using a custom widget.

The plugin is built into this theme. Share buttons, view counters, and star ratings are just some of the social features available. Create a two-way dialogue with clients by publishing a newsletter. Offers a custom interface designed just for your video lectures. The video instruction is part of a series that combines a drag-and-drop website builder. Your videos will be monetized via advertisement plays. Use banners, pop-ups, and other forms of advertising wherever you see fit. along with instructions. To aid you through every stage of the imaginative process. Aside from being completely free to use, it also provides excellent customer service and regular free updates. This download is essential if you own a video-related company.

Best WordPress themes with video header

Is an exceptional and lovely WordPress theme for video sites like vlogs, video makers, and blogs.

Making a professional-looking video report, instructional, or presentation that leaves room for creative license has never been easier. Attempt a vlog right now! automatically recognizes video previews and shows them, say, in the post’s title In addition, it can organize your films into playlists for your viewing pleasure. It’s compatible with a wide range of other current video sharing sites, too, simplifying your entry into a variety of specialized industries. However, with more than post style variations, you may be certain that your vlog will always be an accurate reflection of your intentions.

Using a video theme and best video WordPress themes, making a website from scratch is a piece of cake. No matter how advanced your coding and design talents are, you can always push it to the eleventh level. This WordPress video theme is so user-friendly, that complete amateurs can create polished sites for reviewing videos in no time.

You may use to make video websites with whichever aesthetics and themes you choose. You may take your concept for an online enterprise to the next level by setting up a membership area. Attracting an ever-increasing number of dedicated followers.

Stands out from the crowd by using a gorgeous and well-known video theme. With this theme, you may broadcast your films in stunning HD quality. The best option is for you if you want to build a video gateway or a website with protected video content.

It was written by a respected author and has quickly become the most popular news-related WordPress theme ever. Its interface is user-friendly, and its layout is adaptable. The best video WordPress theme plugin ensures that your site retains its stunning appearance while running smoothly on mobile devices of all sizes. This YouTube-compatible theme lets you embed videos everywhere on your site, including the header, menu, pages, sidebars, huge grids, categories, footer, and more.

Best video portfolio WordPress theme in 2022

The newspaper has a selection of three different video post formats, a dedicated video block, and two autoplay video playlists.

Plus, it has more than unique demos that you can integrate right into your site and can manage a lot of material. Changing your website’s aesthetic requires no coding knowledge thanks to the theme panel’s robust and user-friendly interface. Theme was developed utilizing SEO best practices. And it comes equipped with a clever advertising system that will get your site up and running in a matter of seconds. Further, the author included a specialized plugin to highlight your social media engagement. Create the most immersive experience possible for your visitors by combining flawless storytelling approach with high quality code. Stunning design, performance, and stability.

Video sharing enthusiasts will like this handy WordPress theme. You’ll really like the useful select-and-share function. Users have complete autonomy over the sharing process with and Share. They need just choose the desired clip for sharing. knows this since the sharing choices are shown on the social networking platform. Offers great speed, so your films may be shared right away. The project has also ensured that your content is now mobile-friendly and loads rapidly on all devices.

More so, it contains complementary features, such as video playlists, which are a wonderful fit. The creation of video playlists for consumers is a fantastic method of retaining visitors. It’s easy to use and works seamlessly with the rest of the system. You may navigate through the items in the list in a stylish, uncluttered interface. There is a freshly made demo waiting to be deployed that will suit your needs. Get your design with a single click using the demo import function. The next step is to modify and update it to your liking. Easy, quick, and comprehensive. being patient while waiting for you. Just take it!

Most popular WordPress video themes download

Is a stylish WordPress theme made specifically for showing off videos. Furthermore, the producers are compelled to endorse established platforms and get financial benefits from them. In addition, integration with third-party services is included. Any e-commerce-related activity may benefit from its utilization. Automated video thumbnails and video tabs are only two of the cool extras that this has to offer. Several of these are applicable to “most read” and “most recent” blog post categories. You’ll have access to everything you need, including the option to pick and choose which posts to show. Further, it allows you to link up with your friends’ social media accounts.

It’s also a great topic for internet radio shows, TV news programs, or periodicals. It will be a dream come true for the paparazzi and the bloggers. In addition, they made it such that any company may use it to display videos. It’s search engine optimized, features a backdrop color picker, and has an unlimited scrolling gallery area. In fact, you may customize it to the point where you can preview it with your logo and everything. In addition. The homepage may be customized with a variety of headers, sidebars, and widget spaces. All the colors you could ever want are at your disposal, and the carousel design is completely adaptable. Invest in a set-top box for your movies. You may import it with a single click and start tailoring your ideas right away!

The best video WordPress themes is a colorful WordPress video theme for filmmakers, studios, and vloggers. Your ability to switch gears and think outside the box elevates the situation to a whole new level. You receive many working examples to utilize immediately. With, you’ll be up and running on the web in no time. No coding modifications are required to implement these changes.

With some assistance, you may combine different components, apply your own branding guidelines, and end up with a completely operational page. Many options are available, including five unique headers, a wide variety of custom shortcodes. Many portfolio formats, and several price list variations. Whenever there’s a need for a site that’s professional, colorful, and striking, you’re the one to do it.

Best photography and video WordPress themes

Is a user-friendly and functional WordPress theme for video managers, ideal for launching a website in a hurry. Pick the trial version that best matches your needs and keep going. You may make it unique to your needs, or you can go with the standard layout if that’s more convenient.

One-click imports, eight different headers, five different footers, a contact form, a newsletter popup, and a sticky header are a few additional features. Put your creative energies to good use and launch a specialized or general video site with relative simplicity.

Is a WordPress plugin that allows users to broadcast videos from their websites through paid memberships. You may customize the look of your pages by combining different templates, components, and elements. Supports a wide range of devices and operating systems without sacrificing performance; in short, it’s future-proof.

Never again will I have to worry about coding or other pesky technical details while you’re on the case. This dark WordPress theme is loaded with features, such as support, a contact form, a sticky header, a return to top button. A multi-level dropdown menu, and social network icons.

Is a WordPress video theme packed with more than fifty pre-built shortcodes and widgets and eight distinct and imaginative demos. You don’t need any prior experience making professional-looking internet videos to get started. It employs cutting-edge methods in both technology and design to guarantee that your video page will look great and function flawlessly. Across several platforms and devices.

If your site is complicated enough, you can always go the additional mile for your visitors by tailoring and improving their experience. You may make anything you want on your new page, including a variety of video player types, live comments, playlists, and video channels. Feel the wonderful thrill of seeing the magic unfold.

Best WordPress video blog themes in 2022

Is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has won several awards. Features a responsive design and customizable landing pages. All day long, you’ll be able to play faultless slides. Make sure to include some catchy headlines and a banner ad. This background was designed with commercials in mind. Imagination was given form by their efforts. There are more elements included that will help you present your work in the most credible light. You may rate videos, get previews in a pop-up window, watch them quickly, and more. Supports in-built video widgets such the Most Viewed, Most Popular, and Most Recent. Use to create databases and translate text.

Typography and group affiliation are also crucial to this topic. Intent on making a good impression on buyers. As a result, it gives priority to visuals, file compatibility, and supreme video quality. You may also make pages with the same high quality as those on YouTube or Vimeo with this theme. You may sign up for updates and take advantage of the responsive design that works with both boxed and full-width views. Search engine optimization and code cleanliness are both present. In most cases, you won’t be able to locate such a specific subject anyplace else. Immediately get it.

Is a WordPress template for websites devoted to the film industry. It is a cutting-edge, robust, and aesthetically pleasing method of getting your own website up and running quickly. There is no longer any need to start with a blank page while designing a website. You needn’t even pay someone else to do it for you! With or any of the other tools in this set, you can do it yourself, even if you have no prior expertise with creating websites.

There are a ton of homes to choose from, a variety of portfolio layouts, useful internal page templates, and a toolbox full of shortcodes and widgets.

Top video tube themes WordPress for download

Is a WordPress theme focused on video that can be customized for any use. That is to say, it’s a versatile instrument for use in movie production and videography. The five color palettes provided will help you rapidly settle on a style for your website. The drag-and-drop page builder now allows for customization of the standard theme as well. In other words. You don’t need to know how to code in order to make waves in the digital sphere.

You may choose from a wide range of headers and footers, as well as RTL support, animations, a single-click installation process, an endless color palette, and a contact form. In addition to the expected index pages, many more useful internal layouts are provided for your perusal and combination. For a smooth rollout of your website, it also provides comprehensive documentation and helpful customer service.

Given the rise in popularity of video blogs, you could be on the lookout for a suitable WordPress video theme. Using the website itself is preferable than depend entirely on video-sharing websites. The drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy for anybody to make substantial changes to their site. Six fantastic examples are provided for you to utilize as-is or modify to your heart’s content. You can do that really easily now, so thanks!

Is a top-notch WordPress theme created just for video. This template is ideal for video hosting and management of any type. Your site may become a viable alternative to established giants like Facebook and Twitter with its help. Similar to Vimeo, it has a messaging feature for its users. Playlists, channels, live streaming, and other specialized features are all available. In order to get more data, you may quickly and conveniently link to your social networks. Additionally, there are movie, TV program, and other media-specific databanks. In the future, individuals will be able to rate videos and you may adjust settings for customized watching. Also supports importing videos from popular sites like YouTube.

Best WordPress video theme like YouTube

It just takes one click to get started with the setup. Now that you’ve reached this step, you’re almost ready to launch your awesome online presence. The final product just needs a few last tweaks before it’s ready to rock and roll. Start uploading videos and other stuff that people will want to see, and your subscriber base will expand.

Users may interact with and be tracked by this theme. Integration with a powerful membership plugin makes it possible to manage subscriptions. It’s like using YouTube on your phone in that you can do both at once. The updates and bug fixes are released on a monthly basis. And customers also have access to monthly customer support. You are able to include the industry’s finest components using this theme. Additionally, it ushers in a brand-new way of watching videos. lets people upload something with a few clicks of a button. It also allows for unrestricted color modification and additional pre-made layouts. Put this fantastic theme to use right now. Use.

Is a premium WordPress video theme with a current count of five demos and promises of many more in the future. Both dark and bright themes are available for your personalization needs. With the drag and drop technique to web development, you accomplish all the coding work graphically. Instead of getting lost in lines of code, you drag and drop items until the final site design meets your taste. Furthermore, your site is capable of being translated into any language. How awesome does it sound?

Comes with a handy video upload form that allows others to share content with you. In addition, you receive a Coming Soon page, social network support, widget customization, a child theme, lightning-fast load times, and a category search filter. You may customize everything down to the tiniest of details and still end up with a top-notch website for sharing videos.

Most popular WordPress themes video header video background

Do you want to create a website like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube? If that’s the case, you should check out this responsive WordPress video theme. A total of nine dwellings, four headers, four footers, and bespoke blocks make up this snazzy website canvas. Alternately, you may choose between a dark mode and a bright option.

In addition, you’ll get five extensive demonstrations that cover everything from sharing movies and TV shows to making a video magazine and beyond. You can do anything as long as you have an open attitude about your task.

You may be certain that it will function flawlessly on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. The theme was built with speed and SEO in mind.

You may get a responsive and feature-rich video-centric website template in the form of a WordPress theme. This cutting-edge layout also includes cutting-edge tools for gathering, publishing, and disseminating spectacular web video.

It’s a flexible design, so you may use it for music or video streaming services. It is equipped with a host of useful tools, such as a member system, layout customization tools, many color schemes, and more. Video hosting and distribution are similarly simplified with this aid. It opens the door for others to share movies or post content on your site. In the end, it has features like an integrated system and a social page builder.

Although this theme has been around for some time, it has lately received a thorough redesign to accommodate new features in WordPress and current aesthetic preferences. has a classy featured-content slider that may be used to play any videos you may embed in your articles. Videos stored on your own server may now be played from inside the player thanks to.

Best video slider WordPress themes in 2022

Here is a collection of the top WordPress themes for embedding videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, or for showcasing your own videos and films.

Today, video is not only a crucial aspect of any product’s marketing strategy but also a valuable commodity in its own right. Numerous videos are being produced as a result of the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets. The improvement in video recording technology, and the decrease in the cost of transmitting data. In fact, many of the most-viewed videos on YouTube were shot using mobile devices. Because of the very high level of competition in today’s business world, it’s really tough to make a name for oneself. In the meanwhile, anyone can throw a video up on Youtube and have it instantly become viral.

If you want to take your videography career seriously, you should probably set up a dedicated website to promote your work. If you’re a videographer, director, or editor, this will help you obtain more inquiries and potential clients.

We’ve included best video WordPress themes that allow you to host your own videos or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other popular sources, as well as themes for professional film studios.

Stands out as a unique, potent, and adaptable WordPress blog theme. This is an attractive and simple-to-use platform created specifically for webmasters and video bloggers. The site allows users to play videos from a wide range of sources. The theme’s customizable layouts and customizations keep your videos looking great regardless of device. Or screen size by maintaining their original aspect ratios and adapting gracefully to changing sizes.

Making video guides and reports has never been less complicated. For instance, if you upload a video, the thumbnail will be identified automatically and used as the post’s title. Alternately, it may create playlists of related videos for your viewing pleasure. Compatible with many of the most popular video-sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Twitch, it’s a breeze to expand into new markets. Maintaining your site’s pristine appearance takes more than just a few different post formats.

Top WP video theme like YouTube

An incredibly versatile, easy to use and intuitive, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose web blog theme. The template was built with an ingenious set of creative, smart tools, powerful premium plugins. And a huge collection of great demo sites and functional page templates.

The theme has two different, uncomplicated web design admin user interfaces built into it, best video WordPress themes choose the tool that you are most comfortable with. With more than included templates and demos, you’ll always find a great way to express yourself. Personal and professional bloggers are preferred due to its clean aesthetic seamless navigation pattern and powerful plugins. Like recipe plugin and plugin for food lovers and gourmet bloggers or food critics.

Is a flexible and modern responsive blog or magazine WordPress theme. Personal and professional blogs, online magazines and more look great. Getting started is quick and easy. More than custom templates and endless layouts offer flexibility and realizability of any ideas. Video-centric websites look crisp and load quickly with. Optimized for advanced web media, the site loads quickly even with maximum traffic. You don’t need to write code to get professional quality results with. It has a completely visual interface design that is easy to understand even for beginners. It has different article layouts, different header layouts and more.

Visually aesthetic WordPress theme designed to display video content. It is fully responsive not only to browsers, but also to devices and screens. Created to support well-known platforms and focused on making a profit from the services provided. You will get compatibility for YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms. It is used for all aspects of selling/buying. has special features like automatic video thumbnails and video tabs. Some of them work for categories like most popular and recent posts. Social networking links for Facebook and Instagram are also provided.

Best video WordPress themes for video production company

New wordpress theme. It includes many pre-built home pages to quickly set up your site. It has a customization panel that does not require knowledge of the code, and many customization modifications. The format provides various slider styles, unlimited sidebars and custom widgets. Supports most video formats to make the site as flexible as possible. Connects YouTube videos, MP4, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more! supports mobile devices and supports most browsers! It is based on the environment for the panel and for the design. You will get a tool to publish documentaries, your own films, blogs, etc.

Uses well known and shortcodes. As far as typography goes, you get web fonts. very well documented, especially the video tutorials. The theme gets constant free updates and stellar user support.

Is a professional WordPress video theme. If you are a YouTuber or do video blogging, this theme is for you. Or you do online courses or video tutorials and work from home. It doesn’t matter what your passion is: photography, food, travel or cars, you can work with this theme. It’s easy to use and you can add videos, grids or lists with just one click! Enjoy adding slideshows to all possible video formats.

This theme is integrated with the plugin. It offers interactions such as social sharing, post, number of views, or rating in the form of stars. Contact customers by adding your own newsletter! has an exclusive interface for your video courses. You can also use ad slots to monetize your videos. Place ads, depending on which design you have chosen. Well documented, it will help make the process of creating your site easy and fast. It has good technical support and free updates. If your business is related to video, just get it right now!

Best WordPress video theme like YouTube

Incredible WordPress Video Theme. This design is designed for youtubers, vloggers and video marketers. The set includes many functions for organizing a personal advertising site. perfect choice to start this niche. It includes amazing homepages and a great page editor for free. Adding videos from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion is quick and easy with its player. You will also receive an add-on that will allow you to get all the information about the movie with a simple click.

Provides useful ready-made widgets for creating ads. It is also optimized for SEO and uses. Has a modern and minimalistic style with a flexible and customizable layout. It has different types of videos such as movies. This theme comes with a WPML plugin and is thus translation ready. It has premium support, regular updates and detailed documentation. You will get a multifunctional and user-friendly theme.

Beautiful, clean and elegant theme designed to make your website stand out from the crowd. This template allows you to broadcast videos in the most spectacular and attractive way. Whether you want to build an online news portal or need to develop a website containing secure video content, this is the right choice for you.

Created by a reputable elite author and has become the best selling news WordPress theme of all time. It comes with an intuitive interface and responsive design. By using the Mobile Theme plugin, your website will look amazing while providing great performance on any small screen device. Fully integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, this theme allows you to create video posts and display them on your website. Home page, pages, mega menus, sidebars, large grids, categories and footer. Comes with three video stream styles, a dedicated video block and two custom built-in video playlists, with autoplay functionality.

Most popular WordPress themes for video streaming

This theme is capable of handling a lot of content and comes with more unique demos ready to be imported into your website. From a powerful and intuitive theme panel, you can easily change the look and feel of your website without any coding skills. The theme is built using the best SEO practices. Has a smart ad system designed to get ads on your site in a few seconds. The author has also added a custom plugin designed to make your social network more active.

Friendly WordPress theme, it was conceived for video ad lovers. With the Select and Share feature, end users control the sharing feature. All they have to do is highlight the video they want to share. supports this with the social media sharing feature, showing available sharing options. It has high performance that allows you to share your videos immediately. And your content is optimized for mobile devices and loads quickly everywhere, with the AMP project.

There are great combinations like video players. Creating video playlists for users is a great way to keep visitors on your site longer. You will find a demo that suits you. Use the one-click demo import feature and get your design in no time. From there, you just need to update and tweak the settings as you see fit.

Cutting-edge, dynamic and interactive, efficiently coded and well-designed, safe and secure, technologically powerful responsive multiplayer video WordPress theme. This theme is a versatile theme, carefully designed with rich features that make it easy to meet the requirements of a wide variety of web goals, archetypes and applications.

Whether you’re a fashion video blogger or a professional video programming service, there are essential features that will let you create a unique website. With built-in compatibility with services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vine, Vimeo, Twitch, and self-hosted video capabilities, will draw attention to your video content. The theme includes minimalist and attractive layouts and graphic design that will bring out the best in your website.

Top WordPress video blog themes in 2022

Responsive Multipurpose best video WordPress themes. Amazing theme designed for amazing people. You don’t need to know coding to get polished, quality results. All you need to do is choose your preferred demo from the set provided. Then use it to drag and drop elements across pages and posts of the site. Also, customize the options in the advanced theme panel for whatever you need. Add slideshows and cool carousels with the slider.

Ideal for media oriented entertainment. Independent filmmakers, creative teams, music video magazines, the theme is just for you. In addition, there are wonderful modern features such as sections or custom elements. With you can easily advertise your albums, tracks, movies or merchandise. In a few minutes, you can set up an online music or video store. Improved SEO will increase your rankings.

Beautiful WordPress theme for videos and magazines. It has homepages and a super responsive layout. Get multiple titles for your design and a banner ad embedded for video ads. The theme includes video rating system, preview, quick view and more. Handles built-in widgets for videos like popular, trending and top categories. Set up stores with WooCommerce and translate posts into any language with WPML.

Uses font and icons, google fonts typography. It focuses on graphics, file compatibility and better video quality. In addition, this theme allows you to create pages like on YouTube or Vimeo. You will find clean code and SEO optimization.

Is a top quality dedicated WordPress theme. similar to Vimeo, it has many specific features such as playlists, channels, live streams and more. Easily connects to social media platforms. has database banks for movies, TV shows, etc. You can set a personalized “look further” option and get a rating. allows you to import videos from other well-known platforms such as YouTube.

Best WP themes video header and video background

Uses to interact with and track viewers. It also offers an awesome membership and subscription plugin. like mobile YouTube, it allows you to watch videos while searching for content. You will receive monthly updates and bug fixes as well as user support.

Ultra-thin and flexible premium WordPress video theme based on the beta version of Twitter. The site template is very easy to install and offers unlimited possibilities and options. It comes with which allows you to create websites that suit your needs. This powerful builder includes many elements that you can combine to suit your needs. It contains brilliant meta options that control the layout of each page/post, and allow you to set sidebars, thumbnails, links, and more.

This theme includes unlimited font customization options, headers, footers, sidebars and powerful custom widgets. It has custom post types allowing you to create portfolios, sliders, group members pages and pricing tables. has built-in sliders. However, the theme is compatible with any slider that can work with shortcodes. And comes with files that will make it easy to translate the theme into your language. The theme pack includes demo content to help you install this theme easily and quickly.

Modern and responsive multipurpose magazine website theme. With the help of users from all over the world can get a professional quality website. Expand video galleries and video posts and build a video magazine platform. Whether you’re in the music, film, or entertainment industry, you need modern media on your site. Handles streaming, remote hosting and local video content equally easily. Hundreds of settings allow you to create video content in minutes. Customize content with hundreds of fonts and limitless colors. Monetize your video magazine with easy-to-use ad blocks.

Best free WordPress for video blog in 2022

A clean video portal theme that you can use to share your best videos online. It comes with an extremely flexible layout design that will make your website look amazing on different devices. All the icons and images you see in this theme are inscribed in a grid ready and fully optimized for displays. This awesome WordPress video gallery portal allows you to embed YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and self-hosted videos on your website. It also supports video ads such as commercials.

Comes with the Visual Composer editor. The intuitive and user-friendly page builder allows you to create the layout design you’ve come up with for your site without coding. Includes useful custom sidebar widgets and many powerful shortcodes that make theme customization easy. To help you create flexible sliders with amazing transition effects, sliders are integrated into the theme. The template is fully compatible with the WordPress plugin, this will allow you to create a social community on the video site. The theme is designed with clean and proper coding and complies with the latest web standards. Other features included in the theme. Web font icon fonts, plugin and bundled with PSD files. Finally, the developers provide fantastic technical support to their customers.

Modern, easy to use, fast, responsive WordPress theme. Theme is an online video news platform for magazines. This is an amazing resource for modern webmasters who want to build an audience around new media sites. Supports HTML5 with amazing technology features and easy deployment of premium plugins to simplify your work as a webmaster.

An intuitive page editor integrated along with a slideshow maker will give you the ability to customize whatever you want. A powerful framework takes care of all your news with tons of options and styles, seamless embedding of YouTube and remote or locally hosted video streams. A series of exciting, dynamic website layouts and templates, amazing sliding images, Parallax backgrounds, smart sidebars, widgets, lots of social media integration features and fully functional forums.

Top WordPress video theme like YouTube free download

The WordPress theme provides you with a fully responsive and functional template for your video websites. This modern theme comes with advanced features that you can use to collect. Publish and share videos online. a versatile theme suitable for both video and audio streaming. Has many features including built-in, many skins, color options, massive layout combinations, member system and more. Posting and sharing videos is quick and easy. It also allows other people to submit their videos or contribute to your site. Includes features such as an embedded system, social media integration, and a visual page builder.

An elegant theme with a neat, fully featured content slider ready to play any videos you want to embed in your posts. Thanks to the integration, you can play your own videos!

Showcase your work with this easy to customize and fully featured WordPress theme. By purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file and lifetime support via the support forum. Easily customizable theme with unlimited color variations, multiple post formats, great content slider and more.

Showcase your work with this easy to customize and fully featured best video WordPress themes. This theme has unique color schemes that can be further customized using the options panel. The developer is the same company behind the theme mentioned above.

A clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme designed for video bloggers. This theme uses WordPress’ built-in video features, making video embedding super easy. The theme also includes a full text content slider that can be used to display your HD videos directly from Vimeo, Youtube and other websites.

Most popular video streaming WordPress themes

Clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme for studios and production companies. The creators have developed it entirely to demonstrate the video. The theme supports WP to customize the theme in preview mode. In addition, a theme is developed which is the highest ranked theme developer on the market with several top selling themes.

An interactive, responsive portfolio theme ideal for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers. Its user interactive interface will delightfully enhance your favorite portfolios.

Most WordPress themes are designed to work with different types of content: text, video, audio, images. This means that even though most WordPress themes can accept videos, they are unfortunately not specialized in creating a vlog.

Here for you, the best premium WordPress themes are designed to help you create a vlog with all the features you need for a website.

Without further ado, we invite you to check out our list, but if you’ve never installed WordPress before, check out How To Install A WordPress Blog Steps How To Find, Install And Activate A WordPress Theme On Your Blog.

Combines several collections of contemporary demonstrations. Whichever demo you choose, you can easily publish the video on your website. This WordPress theme also has the ability to automatically detect and generate thumbnails for your videos when you publish them on your website.

This gives you a lot of flexibility. For example, your visitors will be able to record videos for later playback, watch videos in movie mode, in full screen mode, and more. In addition. It also includes several options that will allow you to monetize your site to help your visitors get the most out of your site and its content.

Has a look that reflects the popular social media video sharing platform. This responsive WordPress theme allows users to upload or download videos. The homepage is easy to create thanks to the integration of custom widgets.

Best video tube themes WordPress for download in 2022

This WordPress theme includes the ability to automatically resize your video in create thumbnails. And it has a like button and a view counter. Its setup will be really intuitive with a modern customization options panel that is easy to work with.

If you are looking for a flexible WordPress theme to build your video website, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Comes with more than demos that can be installed on your website with the click of a button.

Among its features are: automatic video playback, custom video posting, ad space management and others. In short, whatever type of video site you want to create, this WordPress template should contain everything you need.

Thanks to the options of this WordPress theme, you can also display videos from your YouTube channel on your website. However, with you, you can also automatically post your videos and get an independent platform like YouTube, DailyMotion, and more.

Was created to create a website focused on video sharing and distribution. It comes with 4 layout templates from the home page, from which you can choose the one that will finally fit to get you started quickly.

Differs from all other WordPress templates in that it can be attributed to several topics at once, which will determine the content on the page. The design of the template is also quite unusual, made more with regard to mobile devices. Divided into sectors, very similar to one of the most famous operating systems.

Music and videos have become integral parts of our culture. There has been a recent shift toward the use of video rather than text for online information. WordPress is the ideal software for making a media website. This collection of themes is versatile enough to serve a wide range of purposes, from personal portfolios to sites for bands, single artists, nightclubs, and other musical endeavors.

Smartphone and tablet users won’t have any trouble seeing your content since each of the given themes has been optimized for mobile devices. With each theme, you may modify the color scheme, font, size, and color schemes to better fit your requirements.

No premium templates are required, although they are available for a fee. This is incredibly helpful since you may experiment with several premium templates without spending any money at all. If you’ve used any of the themes on this list, we’d love to hear about your experience.

WordPress Video Theme Review | Best YouTube WordPress Theme

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